Doing Your Part

water cleanup

In small ways, we can each positively impact our environment. We know that adding a few small coins to a jar each day will eventually amount to a large sum of money by year's end.

In much the same way, good environmental practices "add up" to make a big impression on the overall health of our water resources. Sadly, however, the same is true for bad environmental habits and practices.

If we work together, we can undo some of the damage that we've done to our natural ecosystems. Broward County has developed a number of educational outreach programs that strive to help you and your family, friends and neighbors become stewards for our South Florida environment. Programs like NatureScape Broward and Water Matters showcase simple landscaping and conservation ideas that can make a big difference.

By now, you realize that our water resources are all intricately connected. You know the flow and understand that you are the first drop in the bucket of water protection.

Changing your personal water management habits is a great start to making a difference in our regional water quality and long-term water availability. Encourage your friends and family to do the same and start a "trickle down" effect!

garden It's time for all of us to share in the responsibility of planning for our water future. We must each do our part, and urge others to do the same. Clean, beautiful and abundant water resources - water management and ecosystem sustainability begins with us.