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Drainage System

Water is what makes Broward County special. With the sparkling waters of the Atlantic, the river of grass known as the Everglades, and our extensive waterways, it's clear that we depend on this precious resource for much more than drinking and bathing.

It's what our quality of life depends on and why so many other people from around the country and the world come to visit every year.

Local Drainage District But having all that water sometimes comes with a price. South Florida is a low-lying and flat region, making it prone to flooding. Our extreme weather patterns often make drought just as threatening, however. And don't forget about those summer headaches that keep us all on watch - tropical storms and hurricanes.

So water management in Broward County is often about managing extremes. The challenge is to ensure adequate water availability during the dry season and droughts without compromising flood protection and drainage responsibilities that are critical during the wet season and storm events. Good water management is certainly important in light of all the unique conditions we have here in Broward.

Neighborhood Central to water management activities in Broward County is a complex network of canals and operational infrastructure. Various local and state entities manage this network for both drainage and recharge purposes - a daunting task, indeed. Whether environmental conditions of the moment require aquifer recharge or flood control, the canals and other components of the system are crucial.

Water management in Broward County is dependent upon the operations of the canal system at three different levels. Primary, secondary and tertiary components work together to make up a comprehensive system that balances water supply and drainage needs.

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