About the County Attorney

The Broward County Attorney’s Office provides a full range of legal services to the government of Florida’s second-largest county. From drafting legislation and contracts to defending the County in the state and federal courts, the Office of the County Attorney has the rare privilege of representing its government clients from the beginning of a transaction all the way through litigation and appeals.

The Office of the County Attorney is created by the Broward County Charter. County Attorney Joni Armstrong Coffey was appointed by the Broward County Commission in March 2011. Andrew J. (“Drew”) Meyers serves as Chief Deputy County Attorney.

Our Clients

The Office’s clients include the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, Office of the County Administrator, and all agencies under their oversight. These agencies include such diverse operations as a regional transit system, a major international airport, a busy seaport, a drug rehabilitation center, a convention center, sports and cultural venues, social services, water and sewer systems, a regional solid-waste disposal system, and extensive networks of parks and libraries.

Other client agencies regulate pollution, plan for urban development, protect consumers, build and maintain roads, state courthouses and other government buildings, keep traffic signals running, and collect more than $800 million per year in property taxes. Overall, the County administers a budget of about $4 billion with more than 5,000 employees serving more than 1.8 million residents.

Our Attorneys

With such a diverse clientele, the Office’s practice is equally varied. Our attorneys work in fields including commercial and construction transactions and litigation, government finance and real property, employment and labor, personal injury defense, civil rights, bankruptcy, land use and environmental law, appeals, and personal injury defense.

The Office employs about 40 lawyers with wide-ranging legal skills and backgrounds, enabling the County to handle almost all matters in house. Our attorneys studied at top national and regional law schools, and some served as law clerks for state and federal judges. Some attorneys are leaders in bar organizations or community groups, and others teach at area law schools and in continuing legal education programs.

The Office represents only County government agencies and cannot represent private persons. For information on finding a private attorney, please contact the Broward County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service.