About the Delegation

The Broward Legislative Delegation was created in 1971 by the Florida Legislature as Chapter 71-559, Laws of Florida. The Legislature recognized the value of providing the citizens, governmental entities and community organizations of Broward County with an organized method for them to communicate with the members of the Delegation regarding their legislative requests.

There are 26 members of the Delegation: eight Senate members; 18 House members. Six of the members are Republican and 20 are Democrats. The Delegation members have been called upon to work as advocates for varied constituent interests as well as concerns of their own particular districts.

The Executive Director of the Broward Legislative Delegation coordinates legislative issues with the Delegation members and their staffs both in Broward County and in Tallahassee. The Executive Director is also charged with the facilitation of the local bill progress from its inception in Broward through the committee members and staff during the legislative session.

The Delegation’s function is to assist citizens in communicating with the members, organize public hearings, and act as a liaison between community organizations and the Delegation. This also involves representing the Delegation members at various community meetings.

Each year, the Delegation office organizes public hearings which afford the general public, governmental entities and community groups the opportunity to request assistance with various projects or issues. The hearings may be held at various locations throughout the county or at the Governmental Center.

Representative Evan Jenne served as Chair of the Delegation and Senator Eleanor Sobel served as Vice Chair for the 2012 Legislative Session. Each chair or vice chair serves a one year term and, according to Delegation Rules, the positions must alternate between House and Senate.

Eugene M. Steinfeld, Esq. serves as Delegation Counsel, a position he has held for more than 25 years.


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The Delegation Executive Director is Sandy Harris and the Administrative Assistant is Faith Lombardo. The Delegation Office is located in Room 429 of the Broward Governmental Center. More information can be found on the website: www.broward.org/legislative or by telephoning the office at (954) 357-6555.