Message from the Executive Director
Sandy Harris
Sandy Harris
The Broward Legislative Delegation’s 2012 Annual report was prepared as an overview of the 2012 Regular legislative Session. It is intended to be a guide to the actions taken during the Session as well as a resource for the citizens of Broward.

The Delegation Chair, Representative Evan Jenne, led the Delegation by providing an atmosphere that was both synergistic and supportive of all of the members. His leadership provided responsible and achievable goals for the members to attain, resulting in creative answers to the issues being considered. Representative Jenne’s steady leadership during a Session that was consumed with reapportionment – usually a contentious issue – is most noteworthy.

The 2012 Legislative Session was defined by reapportionment as well as revenue shortfalls due to the recession. This report contains maps showing the Congressional, State Senate and Florida House of Representative districts as they relate to Broward County. Some of the districts extend into other counties and a state map should be consulted for more detailed information.

Included for informational purposes is a Budget Overview of the Appropriations as it relates to Broward County government. More specific information can be obtained by searching the Florida House website:

The Delegation Office was established to be a communication resource between the Legislature and Broward County governmental entities and citizens. In keeping with that mandate, our staff is always available to elected officials and members of the public to answer questions concerning the legislative process, specific information on bills and the appropriations process. Additionally, our office is available to provide advocacy training to organizations who wish to take a more active rose in the legislative process.


The privilege of working with the twenty six members of the Broward Legislative Delegation is a source of great pride for me. It has been a unique and rewarding experience to be of assistance to the members as they represent the citizens of Broward County. I am also appreciative of the professionalism of the Delegation Administrative Assistant, Faith Lombardo. In addition, we are all fortunate to be able to rely on the profession advice and years of experience provided by our Delegation Counsel, Eugene M. Steinfeld.

Sandy Harris
Executive Director,
Broward Legislative Delegation