Broward Legislative Delegation Office

The Broward Legislative Delegation Office was created by the Florida Legislature in 1972 to provide a communication resource between the Federal, State, local governments and Broward County citizens to facilitate the legislative process. In that capacity, the Delegation Office coordinates local activities, workshops, hearings and meetings between Delegation members, the municipalities, the public and Broward County. This charge includes maintaining an efficient means for the local bill process and monitoring bills approved by the Delegation Members through the Legislature.

The Legislative Delegation is also responsible for monitoring the appropriations process, securing State Revenues and other allocated funds for programs, organizations and government agencies in Broward County. A comprehensive legislative report is prepared at the end of each session for all county, municipal, and Federal agencies as well as interested parties.


Executive Director:
Andrea C. Knowles

Delegation Counsel:
Eugene M. Steinfeld

Administrative Coordinator:
Faith Lombardo

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