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Every ten years following the national census, the Florida Legislature reapportions the House and Senate Districts for the entire state. The Constitution provides that there will be no more than 120 House districts and no more than 40 Senate Districts. As the population increases or shifts from location to location, it becomes necessary to reapportion so that legislators each represent an equal, or nearly equal, number of constituents.

As a result of redistricting, membership in the Broward Delegation decreased from twenty-six to nineteen. The Delegation has five Senate members and fourteen House members.

Three of our members are Republican and sixteen are Democrats. Senate District 34 is in Broward County as well as Palm Beach. Senate District 36 and House Districts 102 103 and 105 are in Broward County, as well as Miami-Dade County. Most of the members whose districts span more than Broward County were elected from the other county.

The leadership of the Delegation is elected each year in November and will alternate between a House and Senate member. The chair of the delegation can appoint a committee of the delegation to focus on issues of concern in Broward County.