Century Plaza/ Leon Slatin Branch
Friends of the Century Plaza/Leon Slatin Library
The Century Plaza Branch Library opened in 1982. In 1990, the Century Plaza Friends of the Library group was founded, and it became a strong advocate for library programs, staff and projects. It became a part of the Broward County Library’s Friends umbrella group, (now known as the Friends of Broward County Libraries, Inc.) that same year.

The branch has either moved or been remodeled three times since 1982. The most recent major remodeling was completed in 2003.
During June of 2012, the Century Plaza Branch Library was renamed the Century Plaza Leon Slatin Branch Library in honor of Leon Slatin. Mr. Slatin was the Friend’s founder and President for many years. He was also a member of the Library Advisory Board. Mr. Slatin was an advocate for library improvements and volunteered for more than 30 years!
The biggest fund raiser for the Century Plaza Friends is the ongoing book fair. Through the generosity of our valued customers, donations are received on a regular basis.
Every year the Friends group funds Century Plaza Leon Slatin Branch’s youth services programs. This includes special programming for the summer-long Florida Library Youth Program, and other year-round activities. The Friends also support a wide array of adult programs, especially during the very busy fall and winter months. Many of these programs are cultural in content, such as the Visual Art and Music Appreciation series.
The Friends provide financial support for Broward county Library staff development, such as attendance at the Florida Library Association and the American Library Association conferences.
At the 2015 Friends of the Library Luncheon and Awards, the Century Plaza Friends won an award for the “Provision of Cultural Programming” which was added to the many other awards they have received over the years.
For more information about the Century Plaza Friends of the Library, call 954-357-7740

Remember: Good Friends make Great Libraries!