Pembroke Pines/ Walter C. Young Resource Center
Focus on Friends - Friends of the Pembroke Pines Library, Inc.
The Friends of the Pembroke Pines Library, Inc. organization was established in the summer of 1999.

The group supports library programming, staff conferences and workshops, and library advocacy, and purchases materials that are not allocated for in the library's budget. Their fundraising projects have included an ongoing book fair, an annual book fair, festivals and raffles.

The Friends have supported many programs for adults and children, including essay/art contests, Teen Poetry Club, Homework Café, summer-long Florida Library Youth Program, Volunteer Recognition Awards Luncheon, and several musical performances.

To help support staff and the library the Friends have purchased many items, including Story Time rugs, DVD shelving, microwaves, a compact disc player, and a display case.

For more information about the Friends of Pembroke Pines Library, call 954-357-6750.

Opportunities for involvement in Friends groups exist at most Broward County Library branches. For information about other Friends groups, contact the Friends of the Broward County Library at 954-357-7771.

Remember: Good Friends make Great Libraries!