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Broward County > Library > Reference Section > Demographics and Statistical Data

Print Sources – Books and Microfiche Collections

The Reference Section, located on the fifth floor of the Broward County Main Library, maintains collections of demographic and statistical data from governmental and commercial sources.

Some branches of the Broward County Library have compilations of demographic statistics in the 304.6 Dewey Decimal section of the library. 

Census Information

The Reference Section has an extensive collection of statistical publications of the U.S. Bureau of the Census, from the first census of 1790 to the most recent census. (These censuses contain numbers, rather than the names of individuals.)

Statistical census publications can be divided into several general categories:

Population and Housing (Decennial) Censuses
These are the publications resulting from the censuses of population, which are required by the Constitution and have been taken every ten years since 1790.

Economic (Non-Decennial) Censuses
These publications result from the Censuses of Agriculture, Business, Manufactures, Government, Transportation, and others. Most are taken in five-year cycles, falling between the years of the Decennial censuses.

Current Surveys
These on-going series update the Decennial and Non-Decennial Censuses. Examples are Current Population Reports, Construction Reports, Annual Housing Surveys, and Foreign Trade Statistics.

In addition to receiving many reports from the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the Reference Section regularly receives a number of statistical compendia, including Statistical Abstract of the United States and Florida Statistical Abstract.

The Section also has retrospective microfiche collections of historical statistical data, including the following:

American Statistics Index (ASI), providing federal government statistical reports,

Statistical Reference Index (SRI),<