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Census Bureau Publications
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The Reference Section has a collection of statistical publications of the U.S. Bureau of the Census, from the first census of 1790 to the most recent. These statistical publications of the Census Bureau are important in market surveys, local government planning, foreign trade, housing studies, and geographical comparisons of all kinds. They are used in many federal, state, and local programs for allocation of funding and grant programs.

Major Collections of Census Bureau Publications

Decennial Censuses (Censuses of Population and Housing)

These are the publications resulting from the censuses of Population and Housing, which are required by the Constitution and have been taken every ten years, starting in 1790. Data is available by state and county.

This microfilm set includes the full text of every publication resulting from the censuses taken in years ending with "0". This includes all the decennial population censuses, as well as other censuses taken in conjunction with the decennial censuses of 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, etc. The 1990 Census of Population and Housing is also available on CD-ROM, while the 2000 Census is available online at the U.S. Census Bureau website (www.census.gov).

Non-Decennial Censuses

These publications result from the Censuses of Agriculture, Business, Manufactures, Government, Transportation, and others taken over the years. At various times, some of these censuses were taken in conjunction with the decennial censuses, but most now are taken in five-year cycles, falling in the years between the decennial censuses.

Available in either paper, microfiche, microfilm, or online, these collections reproduce most Census Bureau publications from the first non-decennial census through the most recent. Included are foreign trade reports, censuses of governments, censuses of manufactures, indexes, bulletins, and thousands of other publications and series. Beginning with 1987, data is available on CD-ROM, and the most recent censuses are available at the U.S. Census Bureau website (www.census.gov). 
Current Surveys

These on-going surveys update the decennial and non-decennial censuses, and some are also unique surveys, not related to any other. Examples of the Current Surveys are the various Current Population Reports, Annual Housing Surveys, Construction Reports, and Foreign Trade Statistics.

Indexes and Guides

Bibliography and Reel Index: A Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the United States Decennial Census Publications, 1790 - 1970

This reel-by-reel list, published by Research Publications Inc., includes all of the publications in the microfilm edition of the U.S. decennial census publications from 1790 through 1970.
American Statistics Index

This set, from Congressional Information Service, Inc. (CIS), indexes and abstracts the reports contained in the American Statistics Index Microfiche Library, which reproduces the text of all final Census Bureau statistical publications from the early 1970s.