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Documents Guide Local Government Documents
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The Reference Section of the Broward County Main Library maintains a collection of publications from local government agencies. There are a few documents from regional associations, but the emphasis of the collection is on documents from Broward County's governmental divisions and from municipalities in Broward County. 

Local government documents cover a wide range of subjects such as economic development, education, environment, health, local history, social services, transportation, water management, and many others. Types of publications include agency reports, agendas and minutes of commission meetings, annual reports, budgets, codes, consultants' studies, and a variety of serials, pamphlets, and brochures.

Access to Publications

Documents in paper format are on open shelves, and those in microform are housed in cabinets. Although most of the publications are not listed in the Broward County Library's online Library Catalog, the Reference Section maintains a card catalog, in shelf order, for items in the collection. There is also an authority file of agency names and a title file.

Arrangement of Publications

The collection is divided into several categories: documents from statewide quasi-governmental agencies, documents from regional councils and associations, Broward County documents, and documents from municipalities within Broward County. Documents in the first three categories are arranged alphabetically by issuing agency. Municipal documents are first subdivided by geographical name and then by issuing agency. A modification of the Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) classification system is used to identify each item.

Acquisition of Publications

The Section makes an effort to acquire documents from local government agencies and is on the mailing lists of many agencies. Because of the large number of governmental entities and the lack of a local depository program, however, it is impossible to keep track of all new publications. The reference librarians, therefore, rely on local officials and citizens to alert them to important studies and other materials of interest.