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State Government Documents
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The Reference Section maintains a collection of State of Florida government publications as well as a microfiche collection of statistical documents from other states.  Most of the Section's State of Florida documents are listed in the Broward County Library's online Library Catalog (  

State of Florida Publications

The Broward County Library has been a depository for Florida documents since 1968. Through this program, the Library receives the publications of Florida government agencies from the State Library of Florida. The Reference Section maintains a collection of contemporary Florida publications. Documents of an historical nature or others not owned by the Broward County Library can be borrowed from the State Library's comprehensive collection or from other depository libraries through Interlibrary Loan.

The Florida documents collection is arranged by issuing agency. All of the publications of a specific agency are shelved together, regardless of the subject of the individual publications.

Microform Collections


The Reference Section has several special collections of State of Florida government materials. One collection, available on microfiche, is a complete file of proceedings of Florida Constitutional conventions from the state's first constitution to the latest. Also on microfiche are Florida session laws from 1822.  
Other States

A source for statistical documents from all fifty states is the Statistical Reference Index Microfiche Library, with its accompanying indexes and abstracts. Publications of trade and professional associations, state universities, and research institutes are also indexed here, although the actual publications are not always available through the microfiche collection because of copyright restrictions. Other statistics relating to states can often be found in federal publications using such indexes as the American Statistical Index, which is also accompanied by a microfiche collection.