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Federal Government Web List
Broward County > Library > Reference Section > Federal Government Web List

Agricultural Marketing Service

Agricultural Research Service 

Agriculture Commodity Outlook Reports

Agriculture, Department of 

Air Force

Alphabetical List of Army Websites  

Alphabetical List of Defense Sites  

Alphabetical List of Education websites and topics  

Alphabetical List of HUD websites and links  

American Fact Finder from the Census Bureau

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service  

Anti-Trust Division  


Army Center for Military History

Basic Facts about Patents

Basic Facts about Trademarks  

Benefit information, Federal  

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm, and Explosives  

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Bureau of Indian Affairs  

Bureau of Industry and Security  

Bureau of Labor Statistics (including CPI, Wages, etc)  

Bureau of Prisons  

Bureau of the Census  

Buying a HUD Home  

Cabinet Departments

Census 2000  

Census of Agriculture

Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion  

Centers for Disease Control  

Charts and Navigation  

Climate Data  

Commerce, Department of  

Commodities Trade and Other Information   

Commodities Trade and Other Information (Agriculture)

Commodity Outlook Reports (Agriculture)

Congressional Bills and New and Pending Legislation  

Congressional District Maps  

Cooperative State Research Educations and Extension Service

Customs and Border Protection  

Daily Commodity Market Rates (Agriculture)

Department of Agriculture  

Department of Commerce  

Department of Commerce Offices in the State of Florida  

Department of Defense  

Department of Education  

Department of Energy

Department of Health and Human Services  

Department of Homeland Security  

Department of Housing and Urban Development  

Department of Justice  

Department of Justice Civil Rights Division  

Department of Labor  

Department of State  

Department of the Interior  

Department of the Treasury  

Department of Transportation  

Department of Veterans Affairs  

Dietary Guidelines

Drug Descriptions  

Drug Enforcement Administration  

Economic Development Administration  

Economic Research Service (Agriculture)  

Economics and Statistics Administration

Education Programs and Reports  

Education Research and Statistics  

Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) Site and Database  

Endangered and Invasive Species links and Fact Sheets  

Energy Information Administration (Statistics,etc)   

Environmental Protection Agency

Executive Agencies (Links and Information)  

Executive Office of the President of the United States   

Export Control Basics  

Export controls and regulations  

Extension Services (Agriculture)  

Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 (Farm Bill)  

Farm Service Agency  

FBI Publications and Reports  

Federal Bureau of Investigation  

Federal Emergecny Management Agency (FEMA)  

Federal Inmate Locator  

Federal National Mortgage Association (FannieMae)


Financial Aid for College  

Financing a Business (Minority Business Development Agency)

Fire Information  

Florida Agriculture Fact Sheet  

Florida Offices of the Department of Commerce

Food and Drug Administration  

Food Markets, Prices, and Consumption  

Food Recalls  

Food Safety and Inspection  

Food Safety Fact sheets  

Food Stamp Program - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)  

Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services  

Foreign Agricultural Service  

Forest Service  

Genome Project  

Gov benefits  

Government Grants and Information  

Government National Mortgage Association (GinnieMae)  

GPO Access (Government Printing Office)  

Grant Assistance for Buying a Home

Health and Human Services Overview of Information Available  

Health Information Facts  

HHS Fact Sheets  

Historic and Cultural Resources from the National Park Service  

Homeland Security Advisory System  

Homeland Security Preparedness Website  

Homes for Sale from HUD and other Federal agencies  

Immigration and Customs Enforcement  

Immigration Foms (Downloadable)

Independent Federal Agencies and Commissions  

Insurance Tools (Agriculture)  

Listing and Links to all National Parks  

Maps (Forest Service)  

Marine Corps  

Marine Corps History  

Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Plan  

Minority Business Development Agency  

Most Wanted Fugitives  

National Agricultural Library  

National Agricultural Statistics Service  

National Atlas  

National Hurricane Center  

National Institute on Standards and Technology  

National institutes of Health  

National Map  

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration  

National Park Service  

National Park Service Maritime History Resources

National Park Service Military History Resources  

National Register of Historic Places  

National Resources Conservation Service  

National Sex Offender Public Registry  

National Technical Information Service  

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

National Weather Service  

Naval Vessel Register  


Navy Fact File (Ships, Aircraft and Weapon systems)

Navy History Center  

Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration  

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy  

Office of Fossil Energy  

Office of Management and Budget  

Office of National Drug Control Policy  

Office of Nuclear Energy, Science, and Technology  

Office of Science  

Official Time  

Overview and Access to the 2000 Census from the Census Bureau  

Patent and Trademark Office  

Patent and Trademark Office  

Patents, Basic Facts About  

President of the United States:  

Presidential Councils and Commissions  

Protect Yourself Tips and Reports from the FBI  

Quick Stats (Agriculture)

Recreational Activities (Forest Service)  

Research Reports Economic Development Administration  

Risk Management Agency (Agriculture)  

Rural Development Agency  

Sales of Seized and Forfeited Assets  

Searchable Database of National Technical Information Service Reports  

Starting a Business (Minority Business Development Agency)

Statistical information, Federal  


Trademarks, Basic Facts about  

Transportation Security Administration  

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services  

U.S. Coast Guard  

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  

U.S. Geological Survey  

U.S. Secret Service  

Uniform Crime Statistics  

United States Marshals Service  

United States Trade Representative

USA PATRIOT Act website  

USDA Organic Program  

USGS Science and Data for the State of Florida  

USS Constitution  

US-VISIT Program  

White House