Amazon Kindle®
Amazon Kindle®Now Compatible with Broward County Library’s eBook Collection

Broward County Library customers can now use their Amazon Kindle® to read free eBooks from Broward County Library’s OverDrive eCollection, which can be accessed through the library’s website, Amazon Kindle® users can now download books quickly, easily and at no cost. All that is needed is a Broward County Library card, a Kindle®, a computer with Internet access and an Amazon account.

This exciting update allows most existing OverDrive eBooks to be read on all Amazon Kindle® devices or with free Kindle® apps on iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ and other mobile devices. Select from thousands of titles – fiction, nonfiction, bestsellers, children’s books and more – all now available on Kindle® at no cost to Broward County Library customers.

When a customer browses for eBooks on the BCL OverDrive eCollection, a “Get for Kindle®” link will appear next to each title. The link will prompt the customer to log in to their Amazon account. Customers will need an Amazon account to access the library’s Kindle® compatible eBooks, as fulfillment occurs at Amazon’s website.

After signing in, customers may select which Kindle® device or free Kindle® app they want to deliver the title for reading. Currently, Kindle® Books can be browsed, checked out and fulfilled from web browsers on PC, Mac, iPad and other tablet devices. Additionally, Whispersysnc technology synchronizes notes, highlights and last pages read on the Kindle device or free Kindle® apps. Kindle® Books, like the library’s other titles from OverDrive, will automatically expire at the end of the 21-day lending period. This means no worrying about overdue fees.

The Broward County Library website’s OverDrive pages will be updated to reflect the changes and the My Help Wizard, Help pages and FAQ sections will be revised to contain new information about Kindle® compatibility and usage. Customers browsing the site will now see a message that Kindle is “Now Available.”

Search our eBook collection, now compatible with the Amazon Kindle®.