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2012 Annual Report



District 100 - Representative Evan Jenne
Rep. Evan Jenne

As Chair of the Broward County Legislative Delegation, I am pleased to present the 2012 Annual Report of the Delegation for use by the residents and governmental officials in Broward County.

In preparation for the 2012 Legislative Session, the Delegation met at locations throughout Broward County to involve all segments of the community. We listened to a wide variety of individuals, organizations and businesses. In an effort to reach consensus on priority issues for Broward County residents, workshops were scheduled with the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, the School Board of Broward County and the Broward League of Cities. A copy of that schedule is included in this report.

This report includes contact information for the members of the Broward Delegation which includes their district and Tallahassee addresses and phone numbers, legislative committee assignments and staff. Information regarding specific legislation sponsored by the members can be found at: and

Over the past few years, state revenues have been in steep decline. However, the state does provide certain funding for projects and services within Broward County. The Budget Overview for Broward County government is provided as part of this report.

The overarching issue of the 2012 Legislative Session was the once a decade apportionment of the Florida legislative districts and the Congressional districts. The fact that two Constitutional amendments passed by the electorate affected the drawing of the districts requiring that they be contiguous, compact and make use of existing city, county and geographical boundaries proved challenging. The maps of the final districts for the next decade for Broward County are included in this report. While the Legislative Delegation will be reduced from twenty six members to nineteen, most of the members for the next decade will be elected primarily from Broward County.

Broward Days were held in Tallahassee on Wednesday, January 25, and Thursday, January 26, 2012. Governor Rick Scott and Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll attended the traditional luncheon at the Governor’s Club. Discussion groups were scheduled following the luncheon and two of the legislative ‘Hot’ issues: ‘Gaming: Gamble for the State of Florida?’ and ‘Education: Preparing for Tomorrow.” Broward Days continues to be a voice to advocate for the diverse needs and concerns of the citizens and the business community.

State CapitalIt was a great honor to serve as Chair of the Broward Legislative Delegation. I want to thank Senator Eleanor Sobel, our Vice Chair, and the entire Broward Delegation for their help, support and cooperation. I also want to thank the staff of the Delegation – Executive Director Sandy Harris, Administrative Assistant Faith Lombardo and Delegation Attorney Eugene M. Steinfeld. Their support was instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. I also want to thank all of the citizens of Broward County for continuing to make Broward a better place to live – now, and in the future.

Representative Evan Jenne
Chair, Broward Legislative Delegation ​​