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2015 Annual Report


Legislative Delegation 

I am pleased to present the 2014-2015 Annual Report of the Delegation for use by the residents and governmental officials in Broward County.

This report includes contact information for the members of the Broward Delegation. This includes their district and Tallahassee addresses, phone numbers, legislative committee assignments and staff. Information regarding specific legislation sponsored by the members can be found at: and

Some of the Highlights for the 2015-2016 Budget for Broward County were:

  • $422 Million in funding for community Mental Health Services
  • $230 Million in funding for community Substance Abuse Services
  • $81 Million for Everglades Restoration
  • $28 Million for Beach Renourishment
  • $3.9 Million in Child Advocacy center funding
  • $41 Million in funding for Early Learning programs in Broward County
  • $38 Million in funding for Broward Voluntary pre-K
  • $15 Million in FSTED funding for seaports
  • $105 Million in Seaport Transportation Grants
  • $298 Million in Aviation Development Grants

Some of the Important issues of the 2015 Legislative Session were Medicaid expansion and how to spend the Amendment 1 dollars for conservation. Medicaid expansion and Amendment 1 spending this session were issues that were heavily debated as highlighted by competing proposals from the House and Senate.


Senator Jeremy Ring 

Senator Jeremy Ring
Chair, Broward Legislative Delegation