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 2017 Session Local Bill Report


A local bill is any bill which relates to a specific geographical area, e.g., county, city, or special taxing district, as opposed to a general bill, which affects the entire State of Florida. Listed below are the Local bills that the Delegation will be considering for the 2016 Legislative Session. Once the Delegation votes on the bills in Broward the Sponsors for each Local Bill will be championing the Bill in the Legislative process in Tallahassee.

North Springs Improvement District-Boundary

This local bill will amend the boundaries of the District, specifically to incorporate newly annexed property located in the “wedge” portion of Broward County. Property owners within he Wedge requested that the District include their properties within the jurisdictional boundaries of the District for the purpose of obtaining water, wastewater, drainage and related services and facilities in order to support the development plan for such properties.

Chapter 2017-209

Central Broward Water Control District Charter

This local bill will amend its charter to remove a requirement that all acts taken by the District Commission be effectuated by a resolution. This amendment is to realize cost savings to the District and efficiencies in its processes.

Chapter 2017-208

Billboard Height Measurements

This local bill would allow a properly permitted sign on an interstate highway within Broward County that is subsequently obstructed by the construction of a ramp, braided bridge or other permanent visual obstruction within the interstate right-of-way, the allowable height of the permitted sign shall be measured from the top of the visual obstructions. In no event will height of the sign exceed 100 feet above the crown of the main traveled way of the road, regardless of the height of the visual obstruction.

Chapter 2017-2011

Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Amending Charter

This local bill will amend the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) of the City of Fort Lauderdale as follows: Extend the effective date of the DDA Charter from 2030 to 2050, Streamline Ad Valorem Tax Procedures and include Non-homestead residential properties in the DDA Boundaries.

HB 1319 - Died in Local, Federal & Veteran Affairs Subcommittee
HB 1321 - Died in Local, Federal & Veteran Affairs Subcommittee

Hospital District

This local bill seeks to create a study group that will meet and report recommendations regarding the North Broward Hospital District and South Broward Hospital District.

HB 1145 - Died in Local, Federal & Veteran Affairs Subcommittee​​