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 Executive Director



The Broward Legislative Delegation office provides support services to the 19 delegation members by monitoring legislation and processing local bills and appropriation issues related to Broward County. Throughout the 2016 Session, our office provided weekly legislative updates to showcase our members and their legislation.

The 2017 legislative session brought about great leadership from your Broward County legislators. An overwhelming majority of our Delegation served as Chair, Vice Chair, and/or Ranking Member on a vast number of committees in the Senate and the House.

On matters of the Budget: The Florida Legislature extended Session an additional three days to finalize the budget. Each legislative session is marked with certain challenges and this year’s historic $83.8 billion budget deliberations, though very few, were no less difficult. In their spending priorities, members of the Delegation were as diverse as their districts. Ultimately, Broward County fared well in the budget compared to other counties throughout the state.

In January 2017, the Delegation office began serving as the Administrative Offices for Broward Days. Broward Days is an independent nonprofit and nonpartisan group of people advocating for the diverse needs and concerns of citizens of the Broward County, Florida. This function allows us an even greater opportunity to serve and represent Broward County in Tallahassee.

As we move forward and prepare for the 2018 Session year, your Delegation Office is working hard to support Broward residents and we pride ourselves on being source of information to you. As Executive Director it is my privilege to work with the 19 members of the Broward Legislative Delegation, their staff, and with Senate and House Committee staff. My Administrative Coordinator, Ms. Faith Lombardo, Eugene M. Steinfeld, our Delegation Counsel and I are fortunate to serve the Delegation and the residents, business communities, and visitors of Broward County.

Sincerely yours,

Andrea C. Knowles
Broward Legislative Delegation
Executive Director