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2017 Annual Report



I am pleased to provide this 2017 Annual Report of the Delegation for use by the residents and governmental officials in Broward County.

The 60-day 2017 Legislative Session was extended by 3 additional days in order to approve the state’s $83.8 billion budget. Unlike past years, there was limited debate on the budget. The House approved it by a 98-14 vote while the Senate voted for the budget 34-4. That's enough of a margin to override Governor Scott if he chose to veto the budget.

The $83.8 billion dollar budget, the breakdown as such:

Education: $24.4 Billion
Judicial, Criminal Justice & Corrections: $4.9 Billion
Health & Human Services: $34.2 Billion
Environmental (Agriculture & Natural Resources): $3.6 Billion
General Government: $16.7 Billion 


  •  Teacher pay remains well below the national average
  • Inadequate funds were secured for facility maintenance
  • Colleges and Universities received a $180 million increase in funding for Florida Bright Futures
  • The Florida College System received $62 million in additional funding


  • There were over $520 million cut from hospitals
  • $242 million cut from American Health Care Act
  • 335 jobs lost from the Department of Health


  • Florida received a Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax holiday
  • 3-Day Back to School Tax holiday for Florida families


  • Pay increases for correctional officers
  • $19 million additional funding for Juvenile Justice
  • No funds for additional judges
  • No accountability for private prison contractors


  • $167.6 million for Everglades restorations
  • $50 million for restoration of Florida beaches
  • $50 million for springs restoration
  • No funding for Florida Forever – land conservation to protect Florida’s environment

The Budget provided for Pay Raise for all state employees.

I was my honor to serve as Chair of the Broward Legislative Delegation for the 2017 Legislative Session and my service will continue to all who live, work, and play in our great County, Broward County, FL.

Thank you,

State Representative Bobby DuBose
House District 94
2016-2017 Legislative Delegation Chair