Current Local Bills

Local Bills for the 2015-2016 Legislative Session

A local bill is any bill which relates to a specific geographical area, e.g., county, city, or special taxing district, as opposed to a general bill, which affects the entire State of Florida. Listed below are the Local bills that the Delegation will be considering for the 2016 Legislative Session. Once the Delegation votes on the bills in Broward the Sponsors for each Local Bill will be championing the Bill in the Legislative process in Tallahassee.

View more information on How a Bill becomes law here. Contact us if you would like more information on the bill(s) listed below.

Amending Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Charter

This local bill will amend the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) of the City of Fort Lauderdale as follows:  Extend the effective date of the DDA Charter from 2030 to 2050, Streamline Ad Valorem Tax Procedures and include Non-homestead residential properties in the DDA Boundaries.

HB 945- Died in Finance and Tax Committee

City of Lauderhill Safe Neighborhood Improvement

This local bill will amend FS 163.511 to give authority to Neighborhood Improvement Districts (NIDs) to borrow money, incur debt and pledge special assessments to finance capital projects.

HB 1059- Died in Local Government Affairs Subcommittee

Amending of Ch. 86-364- Waterway Markers

This local bill will amend Chapter 86-364, Section 2, Laws of Florida 1986.  Chapter 86-364 authorized boating speed limits and signage on the New River Canal and Florida Intracoastal Waterway in Broward County.  Such speed limits are now regulated by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Chapter No. 2016-253

City of Fort Lauderdale Anchoring and Mooring of Vessels

This local bill would prohibit anchoring and mooring within a designated portion of the Middle River and authorize the city to enforce this prohibition.  The City has found that the inability to restrict this activity has negatively impacted the public’s safe navigation and enjoyment of certain recreational waterway areas within the city.

HB 1121- Died in Agricultural and Natural Resources Subcommittee
This Local Bill was tabled and support was given to HB 1051, which encompasses the intent of this Local Bill.  HB 1051 was passed as law CH. 2016-96

Memorial Healthcare Systems Charter Change

This local bill is solely clarify the existing provisions of the Charter and to allow the District’s board to have clear legislative guidance in its investment policies and decisions. 

Chapter No. 2016-258

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