Business Videos

Small Business Resource Center of the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center 

How local businesses are "making it" in a tough economy.

Interviews by Elaina Norlin, executive director of the (AARLCC) African-American Research Library and Cultural Center.

Karlene Facey 

Karlene Facey
C.E.O./Marketing Consultant
Clarocision Research and Marketing

 Part 1: How did you start your business?
 Part 2: How do you manage to thrive during a recession? 
 Part 3: How did you choose which business to get in? 
 Part 4: How do you get business loans? 
 Part 5: What are your business’ strengths?

Sharon Wong-Hollis

Sharon Wong-Hollis
Rice Bowl Restaurant

 Part 1: How long have you been in business? 
 Part 2: How do you determine prices? 
 Part 3: How do you get a business started? 
 Part 4: How do you survive a tough economy?

Joan Cartwright

Joan Cartwright
Jazz Singer & Entrepreneur

 Part 1: Joan tells us about herself. 
 Part 2: How Joan promotes women musicians and books. 
 Part 3: How to start a corporation. 
 Part 4: Running a home-owned business. 
 Part 5: How to market your business. 
 Part 6: Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

Gabrielle Warren

Gabrielle Warren
Co-owner and Hair Stylist
Black Star Unisex Salon

 Part 1: Tell us about your business. 
 Part 2: How do you get started in this business? 
 Part 3: Any tips to help struggling businesses? 
 Part 4: What if you’re afraid to use the Internet? 
 Part 5: The importance of being a “people person.”

Al Huggins

Al Huggins
Art n Soul, LLC
African American Art and Collectibles

 Part 1: How did you get started in your business? 
 Part 2: Did you leave your full-time job to start your business? 
 Part 3: How did you get more clients? 
 Part 4: How do you fund your business? 
 Part 5: Advice to someone starting a business.