2001 Florida Artists' Book Prize
March 14 - June 10, 2002



Binder, Andrew Love cried the tree frog's voices/ Andrew Binder.


Binder, Andrew Love cried the tree frog's voices/ Andrew Binder. - [Ft. Lauderdale; 2001] - [20] colored prints in portfolio; 29.5 x 45 x 1.5 cm. - #3 of an edition of 5.

[Notes: Ink jet prints on Stonehenge paper. - Plate # [1] contains a poem by the artist entitled: "Love cried the frogs' voices"]

Binder, Andrew Love cried the tree frog's voices/ Andrew Binder.
Binder, Andrew Love cried the tree frog's voices/ Andrew Binder.

Haycook, Marianne The peacock's tail / Marianne Haycook.2.

Haycook, Marianne The peacock's tail / Marianne Haycook. - [Lighthouse Point, FL; 2001] - [10] p. (in black cloth box; 28 x 23 x 7 cm.) ; 25.5 x 20.5 x 4 cm. - #1 of an edition of 3.


[Notes: Cover title. - In black cloth box with one peacock feather on cover. - "…gessoed hardboard, acrylic and oil paint, antique tablet handmade paper and peacock fathers. The cover design was suggested by a 14th century Persian tapestry…" - "In July 1998, I attended a FIU [Florida International University] Creative Writing Summer Program at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, with a group led by John Dufresne, professor and noted author. Exploring one afternoon on my own, I took a bus to Malahide Castle, nine miles north of Dublin, because I have a deep love of plants and had heard that the castle had twenty acres of magnificent gardens and that the finest part of the plant collection was situated within the four acre walled garden. Short on time, I opted for the walled garden only, which is subdivided into several sections. As I was meandering along smell ing the wildly fragrant roses, I heard a movement of an animal in the bushes. Curious, I turned in that direction and saw the tail of a peacock swaying as he scurried away. My natural inclination initially was to follow. Then I stopped when this thought came to me: "No, you don't have to chase him; you'll meet him later on the path." So I continued to the section beyond the roses known as The Haggard, which had a number of cottage type plants and wall climbers. Then farther on as the path curved to the next section of raised beds of alpine plants and shrubs, the peacock sat as if waiting for me. I thought as I moved toward him that he would probably scurry away. But he didn't. He continued to wait until I reached him, [and] then walked by my side during the rest of the journey through the lush Irish gardens. We were alone in the garden for most of that afternoon. As he left me, he spread his glorious fan of feathers. Tourists entered and observed us as we were reaching the end of the last path and were amazed at his behavior. I viewed it as some kind of mystical experience, one of many on that trip. - This piece, my first book, is dedicated to my teacher Carol Todaro and is an homage to Hedi Kyle, whose flag binding was an influence in the book's design." - Colophon]

Haycook, Marianne The peacock's tail / Marianne Haycook.




Andrade, Sahsha From Homestead to home/ [Sahsha Andrade] - [Cooper City, FL; 2001] - [1] folded leaf 28.5 x 23 x 3 cm. - #1 of an edition of 2.

[Notes: "A nighttime journey from Homestead to home. - Cardboard box/pouch with oriental folded book inside. Cardboard exterior painted with black tempera. Canson pastel paper used for book. Pastel drawings and text written in white paint. Two ribbon pulls for inner panels and a tooth clasp to close the outer flap. . . . the first in a series of books detailing [my] travels through South Florida." - Artist's statement]


Brant, Pip Daytime drama updates : one life to live for the week of June 4, 2001: Nancy M. Reichardt/ Pip Brant - Hollywood, FL ; 2001. - 18.5 x 18.5 x 2 cm. - Edition of 3.

[Notes: Cover title. - "An absurd juxtaposition between found imagery and found text. The found imagery is from Mormon posters modeling good behavior, and the text is mostly bad behavior from a weekly column in The Miami Herald that keeps its readers updated on events on their favorite soap. Digital imagery executed on a Mac G3 and printed on an Epson 1520. BFK paper with an oriental fold format. - Edition of 3" - Artist's statement. - " . . . appropriated text, Miami Herald, June 4, 2001, appropriated imagery, Mormon Church flashcards, Mac G3, Epson Printer, BFK Heavy weight paper, Pip Brant, June 20, 2001, Hollywood, Florida" - Colophon]


Brant, Pip Pony love/ [Pip Brant] - Hollywood, FL; 2001. - 10.5 x 37.5 x 1 cm. - Edition of 6.

[Notes: Cover title. - "A farewell to a life with horses as a metaphor for interrupted or ruined relationships. Printed with an Epson 1520 on painted BFK paper, MAC G3, digital imagery. Spring action binding." - Artist's statement. - " . . . dedicated to Vixen, Brigid, and Kip, the wonderful mares who carried me over rough terrain. Winter 2001, Hollywood, FL. Printed on BFK Heavy Weight with Epson 1520 printer, MAC G3." - Colophon]


Cutrone, John Putting up mangoes/ by John Cutrone; with a linoleum cut by Seth Thompson. - [Lake Worth, FL]; Red Wagon Bookworks, 2001. - [8] p.; 24.5 x 16.5 cm. - (Red Wagon item no. 17) - #30 of an edition of 195.

[Notes: ". . . the inaugural piece from Red Wagon's workshop at the Lake Worth Lagoon, was printed letterpress on a Vandercook 4 under Grandma Mango's sprawling canopy, Late Autumn, 2001. The handset type is from two unmarked cases that came from the collection of George & Barbara Cash, Ives Street Press, near Sweden, Maine, and the papers are from the Construction line by the French Paper Mill." - Colophon]


Evans, Janet Joan/ [Janet Evans]. - [Miami, FL; 2001] - [44] p.; 28 x 21.5 x 1 cm. - An edition of 5.

[Notes: Cover title. - In portfolio case. - ". . . the book is a collection of stories about my mother and how she influenced the lives of those around her. . . . My sister, Ramona (Evans) Bryan, wrote the introduction. . . . To create the handwritten text . . . I scanned samples of my mother's writing, then assembled the bits and pieces of the sentences, words and letters from those scans to create new text. The entire book, except the covers, is printed using the Docutec laser printer process. The blind-embossed cover was created by etching a metal plate in acid, then running the plate and cover paper through a hand press. . . . The text and cover papers are 80# text and 89# cover weights of "Virtual Pearl" from the "Curious Paper" collection by Appleton Papers, distributed by Xpedex. The vellum is "Glama," distributed by Mac Papers." - Artist's statement]


Jennings, Kathy Pearls of wisdom : a tale of one mind/ by K.B. Jennings. - [Plantation, FL; 2001] - [12] pages; 36.5 x 36.5 x 7.5 cm. - Edition of 2.

[Notes: "The cover is made of painted fresh water clam shells and the text paper is Currency, 8 point, CIS cut into rounds. Graymantle was used for the type which was set in a random rolling-wave pattern. The book is bound with a raffia seaweed string and presented in a black sandbox with white sand. The sandbox is made of wood measuring 14 ½ x 14 ½ x 2 ¾ inches and also has a wave-pattern edge to compliment the book. The entire content of this book was written based on the first paragraph of "A Tale of Two Cities." The deepest meaning of Dickens' book can be summarized in his first chapter, but while Dickens was using the past to speak to his present, this book uses our present to contemplate the future. It is meant to be a springboard honoring and perpetuating the Dickensian thought process. The description on the box acknowledges the importance of the historical seed planted by Dickens so many years ago. He gave us the ability to see how humanity attempts to process the world solely through a system of opposites. Where does that approach come from? Where can he go from here? This book was created in the Fall of 2001 as a part of a larger body of work. Pearls of Wisdom describes the human mind as the forum for that approach to analyzing human life. Throughout my work a black and white mark (as seen on the first page) symbolizes the conflicts that exist in the human mind. The gray mark symbolizes the synthesis of the two halves, i.e., the birth place of unity and peace." - Artist's statement]


Johnson, Linda K. Pearls of wisdom/ designed by Linda K. Johnson. - [Ft. Lauderdale, FL] ; 2001. - [7] folded leaves; 7 x 7.5 x 2 cm. - #5 of an edition of 25.

[Notes: "These proverbs reflect the wisdom of many cultures the world over. Text set in Matrix Script. Laser printed on watercolor dyed Mulberry paper. This books is 5 in an edition of 25." - Colophon. - ". . . seashells; interior paper is water colored dyed rice paper; exterior paper is a Mulberry inclusion. Proverbs type set in Matrix Script and laser printed; origami flower fold sections glued with PVA." - Artist's statement]


McKinney, Thery Artists lost/ by Thery McKinney. - [64] p.; 18.5 x 19.5 x 3 cm. - #1 of an edition of 3.

[Notes: Shaped linen covers with linen ties and marbled endpapers. - "This limited edition was created with an assortment of media: acrylic paints, inks, pastel and pencils were employed on specialty papers that include Arches and Lana Laid. All original artwork, calligraphy and designs, all paste and marbled papers were handmade by the artist/author. The type, Ariel 10 point, and calligraphy in various styles, were added to complete the text. This book is one of three in edition produced in the year 2001." - Colophon. - "Memory loss is perhaps the scariest physical phenomenon that any person has to confront in their lifetime. Crying out "I'm losing my mind!" is usually the result of desperation and despair, but for those individuals with debilitating mental problems, it is too often the truth. If we regard ourselves as the sum of our memories, then our memory becomes the personal history that defines who we are and what we are about. Memory loss is equated with loss of self. With the passage of years, Alzheimer's disease, amnesia, illness and old age can erase a person's existence physically and mentally. But spiritually? How long does the ability to be creative last? Can personality still exist after the ability to communicate has been eliminated? These questions, and more, haunt the minds of mankind, and especially artists. Ageing writers, poets, and musicians as well as the visual artists, such as painters and sculptors, all worry about the loss of creativity, the loss of productivity, and ultimately the loss of personality. These fears grow rampantly in today's world. However, there are miraculously a growing number of artists who remain productive up to the time of their death, their ages ranging upwards into the nineties. It is my personal belief that creativity and productivity can continue in a person throughout their total lifetime. But more importantly, it is my hope that the value of their life's work doesn't diminish with the reduction of their physical capabilities or their mental limitations."- Artist's statement, p. [48]


Meza, Alberto Rhino Man Angel/ [Alberto Meza] - [Miami, FL ; 2001] - [8] leaves in portfolio; 42 x 75 x 11 cm. - #1 of an edition of 2.

[Notes: "The binding is made out of a combination of cloth and printed etching in Arches paper. The body of the book consists of 8 handmade papers, illustrated with linocuts, woodcuts, and etchings printed on mono-printed color backgrounds." - Artist's statement]


Odom, Allison Sleepy Sunday/ poem, pantoum . . . written by Allison Odom. - [Hallandale, FL] ; 2001. - 1 folded sheet; 6.5 x 10 x .5 cm. - Edition of 7.

[Notes: ". . . materials included photograph, transparency and common card stock. The edition size is limited to seven. The text is a poem known as a pantoum, written by the artist." - Artist's statement]


Roth, Suzanne Got the farm land blues : the early years of Don McGee, from 1939 on, in Arkansas' cotton belt, a fact inspired fiction germinated from his snapshots and storytelling/ an illumination by Suzanne Roth. - [Lakeland, FL] ; 2001. - #4 of an edition of 12.

[Notes: "Photocopies of photos, old and new by artist and others; also birds nest, turtle's plates, cotton cording filling, etc.; hand painting with gouache and watercolors, opaque and transparent; image shrunk and grown and rearranged. All materials collaged and re-collaged, copier used is ICON, cameras used were Kodak point & shoot with zoom and Olympus OM-IN 35 mm. Other collaged materials include rice paper, Spanish moss, etc." - Artist's statement]


Shapiro, Mimi The poet's dream : a carousel book/ Mimi Shapiro. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL; 2001. - [10] p.; 24 x 16 x 3 cm. - Edition of 10.

[Notes: "A carousel book, multi-layered art, so that the reader feels that he/she is in the dream. Edition of 10." - Artist's statement]


Shapiro, Mimi Short stories for a new time/ by Mimi Shapiro. - [Ft. Lauderdale, FL] ; 2001. - 33 leaves + collaged book cover; 26 x 18.5 x 1 cm. - #5 of an edition of 33.

[Notes: "Edition of 33, each [copy] with a unique antique collaged book cover art piece. [Colored] drawing of the [collaged book cover] bound into each book. Poetry written after 9.11 - hopeful of a world one day at peace. Text set in Sabon." - Artist's statement]


The annual Florida Artists' Book Prize was jointly established in 1997 by Broward County Libraries Division's Bienes Center for the Literary Arts and the Florida Center for the Book.

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