I would like to dedicate my essay to my father, Rex, as an overdue 70th birthday present, partly because he once declared my hobby of collecting postcards a [25 year] “waste of time,” and I would like to prove that it was time well wasted. He was a respectable scientist, a world-famous expert on avian diseases, in fact, and if James Findlay, the imaginative and indefatigable curator of the Bienes Center whose idea this exhibition is has granted his approval, the catalogue covers should be something of a tribute to his occupation of many years. It is also dedicated to my mother, Bernadette, who for the last forty years has had to play the role of the elegant lady in Mucha’s design, having sometimes been a little blue as in the first Cocorico series (146), but more often in a colorful mood as in the later Champenois variant (9).

— Anthony Guneratne

Artist-designed Postcards from the
Collection of Anthony Guneratne
Bienes Center for the Literary Arts • Fort Lauderdale, FL