Learning Services
Learning Services


Mission Statement
Broward County Library Learning Services is committed to serving the needs of individuals and families in our community by creating, promoting and implementing environments and tools which support the life-long learning goals of our customers, including access to our print and databases materials. These book-based learning services, materials and tools will be consistent with library traditions of free and open access, self-empowerment, and learner control.

Broward County Library Learning Services is the largest volunteer literacy program in Florida. It's multidimensional, offering literacy and English services to Broward residents of all ages.

Starting 30 years ago with five adult students, we are happy to say that Broward County Library Learning Services has more than 600 students who are active in our Learning programs. Volunteers provide over 9,000 hours annually in support of these programs.

A customer interested in becoming a literacy volunteer can contact the Learning Services Coordinator.  

More Information
BCL Learning Services e-mail:  learningservices@broward.org
Learning Services Coordinator:  Vonda Bryant


Each One, Teach One (adult literacy classes)

Volunteers teach students one-on-one how to read. More than 500 tutors and students work together in library locations. The average student takes 24 months to complete his/her reading goals. The library recruits, trains and matches volunteer tutors and students. This program is available at all Broward County Libraries.

Training Schedule

Basic:  September 15, 2018
Advanced:  November 30, 2018
Time:  10AM-5PM
Location:  African-American Research Library​​ & Cultural Center, 2650 Sistrunk Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311, 954-357-6282