Education & Job Resources
Education & Job Resources

Broward County Library offers materials and services on all aspects of searching for a job, including interactive online resources, computers with résumé writing and employability skills software and personalized assistance from library staff.

Online Tutoring
Tutoring via live chat and other assistance for students, job seekers and adult learners. Looking for a job? Job Now provides on-demand access to live, expert coaches for every stage of your job search, or get professional assistance in résumé/cover letter writing, career coaching and more.  Students of all ages can access free tutoring and test-taking practice (SAT/ACT/GED) including language arts, writing, math, foreign language, science and social studies at Adult Learning Center.  

Print Sources – Books, Directories, Guides, Manuals
The reference section of your local library provides reference print materials on all aspects of career planning and job-search skills including: 
  • Choosing a career
  • Job leads 
  • Licensing and accreditation requirements 
  • Preparing for a specific career
  • Researching prospective employers
  • Educational and training programs 
  • Job search strategies
  • Occupational and industry analyses, trends and salaries

Services – One-on-One Reference Appointments
At some Broward County Libraries, available staff assist customers with research, job searching and job applications. Some of the Broward County Libraries offer a one-hour appointment with a librarian who can guide you in the use of print and electronic career and job-search materials. Please call in advance to make an appointment:
Southwest Regional Library, 954-357-7110 and 954-357-6947
Main Library, 954-357-7439

Broward County Library Computer Classes 
Free computer classes are offered at 12 Broward County Libraries. There are a variety of classes offered in English and Spanish including résumé writing, online job searching, computer literacy to PowerPoint:

  • Computer Literacy
  • Intro to the Internet
  • Job Info Resources
  • Résumé Writing
  • E-mail
  • File Management
  • Access
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • Word
  • Computers
  • Spanish - Computer Literacy
  • Spanish - Excel
  • Spanish - Internet
  • Spanish - Power Point
  • Spanish - Word
Job/Career Search

Job Search Websites

CareerSource Broward
Job postings, recruitment events, workshops, internships and career resources.​

Employ Florida
Job-opportunity announcements both within and outside of Florida. Links all of Florida's state and local workforce services and resources, including CareerSource Broward.

Search for jobs in South Florida and access local workplace news.

Career Builder 
Consolidated newspaper classified ads, including those appearing in the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald.

Career One Stop 
U.S. Department of Labor offers career resources and workforce information, including salary and benefit information and educational and training information. It also provides links to state job banks.

Craig’s List
Job listings of full-time, part-time, short-term opportunities. Search by area, county and type of job.

Direct Jobs from Association Job Boards 
Job listings from the job boards of professional organizations.
Search for jobs by keywords and location. 
Local job leads. Enter a zip code, city or state and a job title or category.

Job search tool and social network to find contacts at particular companies and organizations. 
Search for jobs and learn about employers, including their products, services, and employee benefits.

Snag a Job 
Full-time and part-time hourly jobs.

Government Jobs

Broward County
Broward County government full- and part-time opportunities.

People First
Public-service government jobs located in Florida.

Opportunities with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Includes general information on U.S. government jobs, current job openings, and online applications.

Broward County Library Databases – Job/Career Search

Adult Learning Center
from Brainfuse
Live, professional assistance in résumé and cover-letter writing, career coaching, GED and citizenship test preparation, college placement preparation, the Microsoft Office Essential Skills series and more.

Career Transitions 
Assess your career interests, browse career paths, match your experience with new careers and find schools and programs to help you pursue new opportunities. 

Career and Adult Education ​Planning 
Department of Education career resources and training schedule.  

Job Now from brainfuse 
On-demand access to Live, expert coaches for every stage of your job search. 

Job Search Resources  In-depth career planning information.

Career One Stop  Career exploration, training & jobs.  Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.

College Career Life Planning  Links to a variety of career planning websites for students preparing for careers, adults planning career changes and general job seekers.

ipl2: Information You Can Trust  Searchable and annotated subject directory of internet resources that provide accurate, factual information on many topics. Select “Business” and then “Jobs and Work” or type a keyword in the search box.

Occupational Outlook Handbook  Resource of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides with information on over 250 occupations. Includes the nature of the work, employment trends, starting salaries, training required and sources of additional information.

CareerSource Broward  Broward Workforce Development Board provides information on free employment and training opportunities, including workshops on résumé-writing, interviewing and other job search skills.

Career Journal  Professional jobs nationwide listed in the Wall Street Journal.

Ryze  Social networking site that helps users network to build their careers and find job leads.

Monster Trak  Specializes in placing college students in full-time, part-time, and temporary jobs. Internship opportunities are included.

Print Sources – Job/Career Search

In the Library Catalog, additional sources may be found under the following subject headings for information describing the duties and responsibilities, working conditions, education and training requirements, salary levels and employment trends of a wide variety of occupation, for job search skills:

  • Career changes
  • Career choice
  • Career plateaus
  • College graduates employment
  • Employment forecasting
  • High school graduates employment
  • Job descriptions
  • Job hunting
  • Job search
  • Job titles
  • Occupations
  • Professional employees
  • Professions
  • Vocational guidance
  • Vocational guidance for the handicapped
  • Vocational guidance for minorities
On the Library Shelves, you can find books under the following call numbers for:

Job Search skills - call number 650.14
Career guides – call number 331.702

What Color is Your Parachute?, Richard Bolles 650.14
This classic resource is a guide for all aspects of job-hunting, including job-hunting on the Internet. It includes practical strategies and techniques used by successful job-hunters. Chapters range from "How to Find Your Mission in Life" to "Job Hunting Tools". Special tips for disabled job seekers are included.

Career Information Center, R 331.702 CA
Each of the 13 volumes in this series represents a different broad field of employment (communications, engineering, health, etc.). Each includes a job summary chart giving the job title, salary range, educational requirements, and employment outlook. Each also includes occupation profiles (nature of the work, educational requirements, earnings, benefits, etc.) and ways of finding job openings.

Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, R 331.702 EN
This is an authoritative four-volume career encyclopedia. Volume 1 provides industry profiles, including general information, a sampling of career opportunities in the industry, educational requirements, industry outlook and sources of additional information. Volumes 2 through 4 provide information on specific careers: definition, history, nature and conditions of work, requirements, employment outlook, and earnings.

U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, DOCS L 2.3/4
Occupational Outlook Handbook provides information on the employment trends and outlook of hundreds of occupations. The following information is included for each occupation: nature of the work, training and educational requirements, earnings, working conditions, and where to go for additional information.


Educational Programs/Training

Print Sources – Educational Programs - Guides

In the Library Catalog, additional sources of information on college majors and related career choices may be found in the Library Catalog under the following subject headings:

  • Career education
  • Professional education
  • Technical education
  • Universities and colleges
American Trade Schools Directory, R 373.246 AM
This directory of trade, technical, and vocational schools located in the U.S. is arranged by state. A useful index lists schools offering programs in specific vocational fields.

Book of Majors, R 378.1999097 BO
The Book of Majors provides detailed descriptions of the 200 majors that are most widely offered and brief descriptions of more than 1,200 majors. The majors are listed alphabetically, along with the colleges and graduate schools that offer them.

College Blue Book, R 378.73 CO
This multi-volume set of books includes Degrees Offered by College and Subject
(volume 3) and Occupational Education (volume 4).


Print Sources – Training Programs - Guides
In the Library Catalog, additional sources of information on internships, apprenticeships, summer jobs, and other programs providing work experience in specific fields may be found under the following subject headings:

  • Apprentices
  • Internship programs
  • Apprenticeship
  • Occupational training
  • College students - employment
  • Summer employment
  • Interns
On the Library Shelves, you can find books under the following call numbers for:

Internships, summer jobs - call number 331.25922

Ferguson's Guide to Apprenticeship Programs, R 331.25922 FE
Ferguson’s Guide includes apprenticeship programs that offer non-college bound students a chance to begin earning money immediately while acquiring skills for future jobs. Most of the apprenticeship programs last about four years.

Peterson's Internships, R 331.2592 PE
Internships are arranged by categories: Business, Technical, Communications, Arts, Environment, Human Services, International, Public Affairs, and Research Organizations. Information on internship referral and placement services is included. Also provided are profiles of companies offering internships. The profiles include general information, internships available, benefits, eligibility, and contact persons. A field of interest index and a geographic index are included.

Peterson's Summer Jobs in the USA, 331.128 SU
This guide provides general information on looking for a summer job with the National Park Service as well as camps, resorts, and amusement parks throughout the U.S. and Canada. Jobs are arranged by state.


Print Sources – Professional Licensing, Certification and Accreditation - Guides
Sources of information on the types of licenses required for specific occupations and professions are listed in the Library Catalog under the following subject headings:

  • Accreditation
  • Professional competence
  • Certification examination questions
  • Licensure


Online Resources – Online Programs

Calendar of Classes
Find classes by Broward County Library branch or by computer category.

Open Education Database
Learners of all levels can explore their interests and prepare for exciting new careers, build on existing foundations of education and experience, or just satisfy a craving to learn something completely new.


Researching Employers
Print Sources - Employers - Guides and Directories
Books offering background information on prospective employers, the types of jobs they offer, and the types of applicants they hire may be found in the Library Catalog under the following subject headings:

  • Business enterprises United States directories
  • Corporations United States directories
  • Employment in foreign countries
  • Environmental protection vocational guidance
  • Nonprofit organizations United States directories
  • Occupations United States directories
  • Professions United States directories
  • Social responsibility of business United States directories
  • Social service vocational guidance

Career Guide: Dun's Employment Opportunities Directory, R 331.128025 CA
Company profiles include the names of contact persons in the Human Resources Department of each company and tell what types of positions are needed. Arrangement is alphabetical with geographical and industry classifications.

Florida Job Bank, Bob Adams, FLA R 650.140975 FL (annual)
Primary employers are organized according to industries. Listings include addresses, phone numbers, names of contact persons, basic products and services of the company, and hiring information. Included are directories of employment services, temporary and permanent employment agencies, executive search firms, and résumé and career counseling services. An economic overview of the forces shaping the Florida job market as well as the basics of job searching, writing résumés and cover letters and online job searching are provided.

Work-at-Home Sourcebook, R 338.74025 AR (annual)
Companies with work-at-home job programs are included. Details on job descriptions, pay, benefits, and application procedures are provided.


Broward County Library Online Resources – Business

Business and Company Resource Center
Business and Company Resource Center provides company profiles as well as access to full-text articles on a wide variety of companies from business journals throughout the country.

Reference USA
Reference USA provides information on approximately 14 million companies throughout the United States, including 4 million new businesses. Searches may be customized by name of company, type of company, geographic area, size of company, and other special parameters.


Print Sources – Local and State Directories
In the Library Catalog, directories of companies at the local, regional, and state levels may be found under the following subject headings:

  • Business enterprises Florida directories
  • Corporations Florida directories  
  • Florida commerce directories
  • Florida industries directories
  • Florida manufactures directories
Directory of Florida Industries
Major manufacturers in the state of Florida are arranged geographically and by standard industrial classification.

Dun's Regional Business Directory: Miami/Fort Lauderdale/West Palm Beach Area. FLA R 338.75025 DU (annual)
Public and private companies in the local area are included. Among the information provided for each company are primary line of business, key officers, sales volume, and number of employees.

Florida Business Directory, FLA R 338.09759 FL (annual)
This directory includes Florida companies involved in manufacturing and service industries.

Florida Manufacturers Register, R 380.102575 FL (annual)
The main geographical section provides profiles of manufacturing companies in each city in Florida. Each profile includes directory information, name of chief officer, number of employees, sales, and type of ownership. Also included are alphabetical, standard industrial classification, and parent company sections.


Print Sources – National Directories
In the Library Catalog, directories may be found in the Library Catalog under the following subject headings:

  • Business enterprises United States directories
  • Corporations United States directories
  • United States commerce directories
  • United States industries directories
  • United States manufactures directories 
Directory of Foreign Firms Operating in the United States, R 338.740257 DI
Part I lists businesses in the U.S. that are owned by foreign firms. Firms are grouped by country. Listings include directory information, chief executive officer, number of employees, and product or service. Part II is an alphabetical listing of foreign firms. Part III is an alphabetical listing of all American affiliates in Part I.

Foundation Directory, R 061 FO
This directory provides information on the finances, governance, and giving interests of the nation's largest grant-making foundations. Foundations are arranged geographically, with indices by subject and field of interest.

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
This website has replaced the multi-volume set of books that provided comprehensive lists of companies involved in the manufacture of specific products.

Try Us: National Minority Business Directory, R 338.0025 TR (annual)
Try Us lists firms in which at least 51% of the business is minority-owned.

Ward's Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies: SIC, R 338.740257 WA (annual)
Arrangement is by Standard Industrial Classification Codes, which represent specific products and services. The top companies in each field are listed along with brief directory and financial information.


Print Sources – International Directories
In the Library Catalog, directories may be found in the Library Catalog under the following subject headings:

International business enterprises directories

Work Abroad: The Complete Guide to Finding a Job Overseas, 331.702 WO

  • Employment in foreign countries - Handbooks

International Directory of Company Histories, R 338.7409 IN
This multi-volume set may be used by job candidates and others who seek to learn about the historical development of the world's most important companies. Most companies chosen for inclusion have achieved a minimum of $100 million in annual sales and are leading influences in their industries or geographical locations.


Print Sources – Trade and Professional Organizations - Directories

In the Library Catalog, directories may be found in the Library Catalog under the following subject headings:

  • Associations, institutions, etc. directories
  • Trade and professional associations
  • Professional associations
Below is a selected list of directories that include lists of organizations that provide information on specific trades and professions.

Encyclopedia of Associations
This guide to U.S. organizations includes both business and professional organizations. Addresses and contacts for each association as well as information about the organization and its publications are provided.

Encyclopedia of Associations. Regional, State and Local Organizations
Volume 5: Southeastern States.
Companion volume to the Encyclopedia of Associations lists business, and professional organizations in the Southern states.


Résumé/Letter Writing Assistance

CareerSource Broward

Job Now –Résumé/Letter Writing

The OWL at Purdue Résumé Workshop

JobStar Central Résumé Guide

Visual CV


Print Sources – Résumé/Letter Writing
In the Library Catalog, additional sources may be found under the following subject headings:

  • Applications for positions
  • Letters
  • Cover letters
  • Résumés employment
  • Letter writing
On the Library Shelves, you can find books under the following call numbers for:

Job Search skills - call number 650.14
Writing Résumé, cover letters – call number 808.066


Interviewing/Test Taking
Broward County Library Online Resource – Job Now-Interviewing

Website – Interviewing

Acing the Interview
Describes the interview process and includes an interview checklist.  

Print Sources – Interviewing

In the Library Catalog, additional sources may be found under the following subject headings: 

Employment interviewing

On the Library Shelves, you can find books under the following call numbers for:

Job Search skills - call number 650.14

Example of book(s) which can be found in the library: 

101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions, Fry, Ronald W., 650.14FR
This guide helps readers understand exactly what the interviewer is trying to determine with each question he asks.


Study Guides – Employment Tests
In the Library Catalog additional sources may be found under the following subject headings:

  • Civil service career opportunities
  • Civil service positions
  • Civil service examination
  • Occupational aptitude tests
Listed below are test-preparation books containing sample questions and answers for civil service and other employment examinations:

ASVAB: The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, 355.0076AS
This is one of many Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) preparation books for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard tests. It contains sample math and verbal tests.

How to Prepare for the City of Fort Lauderdale Firefighter Test
Sample questions and answers for the City of Fort Lauderdale firefighter test are provided.

Fort Lauderdale Police Test
Sample questions and answers for the City of Fort Lauderdale police test are provided.

Passbooks for Career Opportunities
This series contains sample test questions for hundreds of civil service and other employment tests.


Additional Information

Modeled Wage Estimates
Bureau of Labor Statistics provides annual estimates of average hourly wages for occupations by job type and location.

Industries at a Glance
Bureau of Labor Statistics provides occupation descriptions in dozens of different industries.


Print Sources – Industry Analysis
Sources for industry analyses may be found in the Library Catalog under the following subject headings:

  • Employment forecasting
  • Financial services industry​
  • Industry
  • Insurance
  • Labor supply
  • Retail trade
  • Service industries
  • Wholesale trade

Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys, R 332.67 ST
The industry surveys provide in-depth narrative and financial industry analyses for a wide range of key industries, with considerable attention given to non-manufacturing industries in the retail and service trades.

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