Learning Services - Software

GED Online

GED Online is available at the library or at home through Learning Services. To successfully navigate the GED Online software, you must be able to read on a 9th grade level, be computer literate and have an email address and phone number. The GED Online covers five subject areas: writing, social studies, science, reading and mathematics. Features include lessons, timelines, video tutors, customized prescriptions and an online calculator.


Pimsleur Language Learning Program is an integrated system which immerses you in the language, encouraging you to hear, understand and use the language all at the same time. It's available in various formats such as compact disc, book on CD, electronic resource, eAudioBook, book.
Pimsleur Language learning tools are available in various languages:
Armenian Chinese Czech Dutch Egyptian English
French German Hebrew Hindi Irish Italian
Japanese Korean Norwegian Ojibwa Polish Spanish
Swedish Swiss German Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Version 3 language learning software is designed for ages four to adult. Two languages, English and Spanish, are available at three levels. The software is available on designated computers in all libraries. Circulating copies are also available at Broward County Libraries (see library catalog).

Transparent Language

Transparent Language is learning software available on CD Rom and USB formats. Providing clear guidance and structure, this interactive, self-study language program delivers a rich rewarding learning experience for all levels and for various languages. Transparent Language focuses first on vocabulary and second on using words and phrases in an immersive, whole-language learning experience.

Transparent Language Library Edition is available in various languages:

Arabic Chinese English French German
Hebrew Italian Japanese Portuguese Spanish

Transparent Language KidSpeak®

Transparent Language KidSpeak® is the fun, easy way for kids of all ages to learn a new language. KidSpeak® combines state-of-the-art animation with fun interactive activities, puzzles and songs to make second languages simple. Children will build a solid foreign-language foundation using the successful immersion approach preferred by educators.

Ultimate Phonics

Ultimate Phonics Reading Program is a complete, interactive multimedia learning tool that teaches people of all ages to read with phonics. Ultimate Phonics enables children and students to thoroughly learn the phonics skills that are the foundation for a lifetime of reading success by using color and high quality human speech, with over 4,400 common words fully sounded out and over 2,100 sentences. 

Ask a librarian to use a computer equipped with Ultimate Phonics or check out one of the circulating copies to use at home.