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Focus on Friends - The Friends of the Coral Springs Libraries

The Friends of the Coral Springs Libraries, supporting the Northwest Regional Library, has a rich history of library support and advocacy.

On April 18, 1973 The Friends of the Library of Coral Springs was organized as a fund-raising and volunteer group in support of the Coral Springs Public Library, a store-front city facility.

In 1974, the library joined the Broward County Library system and moved to a larger building. The Friends group was active with book fairs, parties, and book-and-author luncheons to raise funds for the library.

After the library moved to a new facility in 1982, the Friends continued their fund-raising efforts with a series of golf tournaments and luncheons.

As population grew in the Coral Springs area, the Friends conducted a campaign to designate the library as a temporary regional facility and to have a new regional library built in north Broward County.

The Coral Springs City Commission also began urging the Broward County Commission to provide more library services, and the Friends joined in that lobbying effort. Responding to the need, the two Commissions rented space in the Cypress Run Market Place to create the West Atlantic Branch in 1994.

The new Northwest Regional Library was dedicated in February 2001, followed in July by an announcement from the Broward County Commission that the West Atlantic Branch would close at the end of the year. The Friends joined other members of the community in a successful drive to keep the West Atlantic Branch open. 

Today, the Friends of the Coral Springs Libraries continues its advocacy role by attending Library Days in Tallahassee and writing letters to Florida legislators concerning library issues. The group sponsors special events including book lovers luncheons and volunteer recognition ceremonies.

They also support public library programs, including the summer-long Florida Library Youth Program, book fairs and "Fiesta Coral Springs."

For more information about the Friends of the Coral Springs Libraries, call 954-341-3900.

Opportunities for involvement in Friends groups exist at most Broward County Library branches. For information about other Friends groups, contact the Friends of the Broward County Library at 954-357-7771.

Remember: Good Friends make Great Libraries!