Galt Ocean Mile Reading Center
Focus on Friends - Friends of the Galt Ocean Mile Reading Center
In 1993, one year after the Galt Reading Center opened its doors, the Friends of the Galt Ocean Mile Reading Center was created. The Galt Friends have always supported the library and its services to the public.
The Galt Friends have continued to enhance the library in programs with offerings such as professional book reviews, showing of classic movies and film documentaries, local artist art exhibitions, and poetry readings. In recent years, they have provided funding for language classes, music and art lectures, and music and cultural entertainers.
The Galt Friends fund raising projects include an ongoing, used book fair rack in the library and an annual membership drive.
At the 2013 Friends of the Library Luncheon and Awards, the group won the award for “Programming Efforts that Support the Love of Literature.”
For more information about the Friends of the Galt Ocean Reading Center, please call 954-357-7500.

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