Miramar Library

Focus on Friends - The Friends of the Miramar Library

The Miramar Branch Library and Educational Center opened September 25, 2008. This facility was the last of the “new” libraries to be built with the 1999 bond funds. Prior to the new library opening, no library had existed in the City of Miramar in over 25 years.
Meetings to form a Friends organization began in January 2009 and culminated with official recognition by the Friends of Broward County Library, Inc. in November 2009.
The group soon began organizing fund raising events to aid the fledgling library and have started quarterly Book and Bake Fairs for raise funds. Members have also participated in many advocacy efforts on behalf of the Miramar Library and the Broward County Libraries.
Supporting library programming, staff conferences and workshops, library advocacy, and purchase of necessary items are examples of their support.
The Book Nook, located in the lobby of the Center, opened September 25, 2009 and has gradually added days and hours as new members have joined and volunteered.
For more information about the Friends of the Miramar Library, call 954-437-1806.
Opportunities for involvement in Friends groups exist at most Broward County Library branches. For information about other Friends groups, contact the Friends of the Broward County Library at 954-357-7771.
Remember: Good Friends make Great Libraries!