Miramar Library
Focus on Friends - The Friends of the Miramar Library
Since opening its doors in September 2008, the Miramar Library and Educational Center, the newest of the 38 Broward County libraries, has grown and thrived. Of its many initiatives to heighten community awareness and foster greater volunteer participation, the establishment of a Friends organization has been one of the most far-reaching.
From its inception in 2009, the Friends have continued to increase membership, expand their educational projects and broaden their scope of programming. Their Book Club currently attracts nationally prominent, bestselling authors who are choosing the Miramar Library as the roll out site to launch or promote their latest book releases. Presenting informational seminars to educate library patrons about important matters such as healthcare or financial matters, while also hosting panel discussions designed to cultivate social consciousness is an on-going priority for the Friends.
More recently the Friends collaborated with the Miramar Cultural Trust, a first time partnership between each organization, to co-sponsor a world-class art exhibit at the Ansin Gallery of the Miramar Cultural Center, with its photography exhibit displayed concurrently at the library. The exhibits qualified both organizations as a Broward 100 venue, while greatly enhancing the level of art appreciation in the city.
In 2014 the Friends remodeled their Book Nook, drawing new volunteers and additional customers. Increased Nook revenues, in addition to book fair and bake sale proceeds, help to underwrite: the purchase of needed equipment, the provision of quality youth and adult programming, as well as supplemental training and workshops for the library staff. This year the Friends plan to escalate their fundraising endeavors with more strategic and complex events.
Check us out at FriendsOfTheMiramarLibrary.org, our award-winning website, for more information about the Friends of the Miramar library.
Remember: Good Friends make Great Libraries!