Sunrise Dan Pearl Branch
Sunrise Dan Pearl's Friends
The Sunrise Dan Pearl’s Friends is a group that has been around since the opening of the Library. In 1995 they moved to the new Sunrise building to support our new library and expanding community.
Minnie Pearl, Co-Founder of the Sunrise Dan Pearl Library was a mentor to the library till her death in 2012. The library celebrated Ms. Minnie with the unveiling of her portrait on October 6, 2011.
The organization provides assistance to the library through a variety of special projects, funding of branch programming and materials, support of library staff, and advocacy for library issues. The Donations Book Fair is one of those activities that have helped the funding of all these programs.
The Friends have supported many programs for adults and children, such as Hispanic Heritage Celebration, programming for the summer-long Florida Summer Reading Youth Program, volunteer and staff appreciation celebrations and other year-round activities.
Any time we have needed special furniture for our offices, electronic appliances, etc., the Friends have provided the means to purchase the items.
Besides snacks, furniture and supplies, over the years, our Friends have provided us with materials for special craft projects. Teen Bead Jewelry Classes, and Knitting and Crocheting Lessons would have been hard to implement without the financial help of our Friends. These programs possess more than just pure entertainment value since they promote the fundamental principles of teamwork and sharing. Moreover, many of these programs have also helped raise multicultural awareness and appreciation within our community.
All in all, the Sunrise Dan Pearl Youth Services is incredibly appreciative of the Friends of the Sunrise Dan Pearl Library. With their support, we continue to plan and present a variety of popular programs. Their support constantly encourages our library to strive for excellence and to actively promote literacy and creativity among our youth.

Remember: Good Friends make Great Libraries!