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eConnections Newsletter
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eConnections Newsletter (August 2014)

40th Anniversary Celebration!

August 1 - Books-and-More Fair, 11 a.m., Main Library
August 2 - Bobby the Balloon Guy, all ages, 11 a.m., Weston Library
August 2 - Dance Party, live music! All ages, 11 a.m., Northwest Regional Library
August 2 - Summer Reading Program Finale/Celebration, children, 2 p.m., Northwest Branch Library
August 2 - Summer Wrap-Up! Prizes, cake, all ages, 2 p.m., Riverland Library
August 2 - Suzuki Concert, children, 2 p.m., Stirling Road Library
August 2 - Summer-Ending Celebration, children, 3 p.m., Margate Catharine Young Library
August 2 - 1974 movie and cake, 3 p.m., Imperial Point Library
August 6 - Magic Show, children, 2 p.m., Century Plaza/Leon Slatin Library
August 6 - Senior Moments Big Band Concert, 2 p.m., Tamarac Library
August 6 - 1974 Movie, 3 to 5 p.m., Miramar Branch Library & Education Center
August 6 - 60’s and 70’s music, 6:30 p.m., Pompano Beach Library
August 6 - Poems with Anastasia Clark, 6:30 p.m., Weston Library
August 7 - Book Talk: 1974 Sidney Sheldon bestseller, 11 a.m., African-American Research Library and Cultural Center
August 7 - Movie: 1974 Academy Award-winner, 12 p.m., North Regional/Broward College Library
August 7 - Darrell House, 4 p.m., Deerfield Beach Percy White Library
August 7 - Film Series: 1974, 3 p.m., West Regional Library
August 8 - Senior Moments Band, cake and ice tea, 1 to 2 p.m., Main Library
August 9 - Fushu Daiko Drumming, 2 p.m., West Regional Library
August 9 - Senior Moments Band, refreshments, 2 p.m., Southwest Regional Library
August 9 - Ronald McDonald, all ages, 3 p.m., Davie/Cooper City Library
August 9 - Family Storytime, 6:40 p.m., Tyrone Bryant Library
August 11 - Rock music, refreshments, 3 p.m., South Regional/Broward College Library
August 12 - Music, Refreshments and Fun, 2 p.m., all ages, Pembroke Pines Library
August 13 - The History and Growth of Broward County Libraries, 5 p.m., African-American Research Library and Cultural Center
August 14 - Open House, music and refreshments, 2 p.m., Galt Ocean Mile Reading Center
August 14 - Teen eScavenger Hunt with Laptops, win prizes, 1 p.m., African-American Research Library and Cultural Center
Exhibits: BCL Celebrates 40 Years of Services - What were we reading, watching and listening to in 1974? Jan Moran Collier City Learning Library; North Regional/Broward College Library; Northwest Regional Library; Popular Books and Movies of 1974, Main Library; Broward County Library Celebrating 40 Years Book Display, South Regional/Broward College Library; The World in August 1974, West Regional Library.

Skye Patrick, Broward County Library DirectorSkye Writing...

Recently, Libraries Division held a series of Vision Sessions. I want to thank the public that came to learn more about the Division’s Strategic Business Plan.
Feedback included suggestions related to programs and partnering, like working with local non-profit organizations to deliver services to returning veterans and collaborating with local museums to increase accessibility to special exhibits. Innovative ideas for marketing services were also appreciated. There was a strong demand for more small-group tutoring and computer classes, along with interest in BCL’s new Creation Stations.
As a vital resource for the community, Broward County Library must learn from and appreciate the remarkable accomplishments over the past 40 years and continue to innovate in order to meet the needs of the public.

Forty Years of Learning, Reading and Exploring at Broward County Library

40 th Anniversary Timeline [Click to View Larger]
Click image above to view larger. 

The Way We Were — BCL Originals

Brett E. KemperBrett E. Kemper
“When the Broward County Library opened for business in 1974, I was working at the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Riverland Branch. If I remember correctly, the City of Fort Lauderdale charged $50 a year for a non-resident library card. The day we opened as a County branch, all the pent up demand for free cards broke loose. We moved the typewriter away the circulation desk because of the traffic - since the typewriter was manual we did not have to worry about electricity. The library card was the size of a business card and we would type the customer’s name and address so it could be photographed with a numbered due date card and the ID card. All three items would be lined up and photographed onto microfilm.
For the first week or two the clerks at the new card area would have to switch every hour or so as typing on a manual typewriter, creating card after card was brutal. After the first two weeks, we were able to move the typewriter back to the circulation desk as it seems everyone in the area now had a new County Library card.”

Carolyn DixsonCarolyn Dixson
“As memory serves me, city employees were nervous that the county employees would eventually take their positions. County employees worried that city employees would not want to work with them and might make their working situation uncomfortable. But this did not happen. Instead, we all grew to be friends with a common goal to provide excellent service to the communities. Many of which did not have free access to a library. We went from four branches to 40.”
Eileen CobbEileen Cobb
“Being one of Broward County Library’s first 100 employees was an exciting time for me, personally. In 1974, with the formation of the fledgling, library system, I was fresh out of library school, excited about my career, and enthusiastic about marketing county-wide library service to the community. It was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to be on the ground floor developing and nurturing this library system from the very beginning.”

Namesakes: An Honor, A Legacy

Leon SlatinCentury Plaza Leon Slatin Library/Dedicated 2012:
For more than 20 years, volunteer Leon Slatin has contributed tens of thousands of service hours. The Broward Board of County Commissioners voted to include his name as part of the Century Plaza Library in honor of his service and devotion to the library.
Jan Moran 
Jan Moran Collier City Learning Library/Dedicated 2003:
Local philanthropist and business leaders Jim and Jan Moran spearheaded the renovation and expansion of Collier City Learning Library.
Paul DeMaioDania Beach Paul DeMaio Library/Dedicated 1996:
Paul DeMaio
was the first “Friend” of the Dania Beach Library and was instrumental in the early development of the library and the Friends group. A frequent volunteer and founder of the Friends of the Dania Beach Library, he passed away in 1999.

Deerfield Beach Percy White LibraryDeerfield Beach Percy White Library/Dedicated 2003:
Percy White
moved to Deerfield Beach in 1957. Devoted to community causes, White contributed much of his time and energy to the library that was renamed the Deerfield Beach Percy White Library.
Hollywood Bernice P. Oster Library  
Hollywood Bernice P. Oster Library/Dedicated 1994:
The Hollywood Beach Library was named in honor of Bernice P. Oster, who fought for the beautification and quality of life in the beach area.
Catharine K. Young 
Margate/Catharine Young Library/Dedicated 1979:
The Margate Library was established in 1963 in the Margate City Hall and later joined the Broward County Library System. Founder and first librarian Catharine K. Young was honored as the library’s namesake.
  Peggy SaranieroMichael Saraniero

North Lauderdale Saraniero Library/Dedicated 2001:
Michael Saraniero
was the first mayor of the City of North Lauderdale and his wife, Peggy, was the City Historian and active in city boards. The North Lauderdale Library was named after them as a tribute to their contributions to the city.
  Pembroke Pines/Walter C. Young Resource Center
Pembroke Pines/Walter C. Young Resource Center/Dedicated 1999:
Walter C. “Walt” Young was a founding member of Pembroke Pines, Florida and the state representative for Broward County for 20 years. He served on the Pembroke Pines City Council where he was known as Florida’s “Mr. Education.”
  Mayor Dan Pearl

Sunrise Dan Pearl Library/Dedicated 1995:
Named in honor of former Sunrise Mayor Dan Pearl who, with his wife Minnie, was active in many cultural and community projects and dreamed of having a large library in the City of Sunrise.
Tyrone Bryant 
Tyrone Bryant Library/Dedicated 1988:
Tyrone Bryant was assistant director for special services for the Broward County Library system and the force behind the Library-in-Action program in disadvantaged neighborhoods. He began working for Broward County in 1978. A tireless advocate for libraries, he brought literacy programs to underserved areas of Broward. The Rock Island Branch was renamed in Bryant’s memory.

 Logo: Destination Fridays
Destination Fridays: Greek Isles!
African-American Research Library and Cultural Center
Friday, September 12 - 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
After-hours, over-21 event
For ticket info, call 954-357-6210 or visit
Coming: October 3 - Ghana, Africa

Wow Update Coming in September

WowUpdate - Coming in September 2014

It all started with a vision...and a need

1982 was a tumultuous time in the life of the fledgling Broward County Library system. Libraries were opening in Coral Springs, Carver Ranches and Deerfield Beach. But budgets were getting tight - that year, the County Commission cut $3.5 million from the library’s capital budget and $450,000 from its operating budget. There were fewer than 1 million books on the shelves of all the county’s libraries.
WowUpdate - Coming in September 2014A small group of visionaries imagined a new source of support for Broward County Library - a Library Foundation. On Aug. 2, 1982, the Broward Public Library Foundation was chartered by the Florida Secretary of State “for the purpose of encouraging and receiving gifts and bequests.” In 1991, the late philanthropist Lois Deicke made a $1 million bequest, which launched the Library Foundation’s endowment fund. Today, the endowment stands at $9.3 million.
Over the years, more than 15 local leaders have stepped up to chair the Library Foundation Board of Directors. They include Keith Cobb, Barbara Cooper, Ralph Dearden, Ralph Domenico, Hugh Root, Ron Castell, Elizabeth Freeman, Christine Lambertus, Joseph LiVolsi, George Platt, Sheryl Dickey and the current Chair Suzanne Migdall. They and their fellow Board members share a deep commitment to the Library.
Since its founding, the Library Foundation has raised more than $20 million for such projects as the building of the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center and the Bienes Museum of the Modern Book. Every year, the Library Foundation provides funding for 18 to 20 significant Library programs, such as the Summer Reading Program, free SAT/ACT prep classes for high school students, the Books ‘n’ Bears at the Holidays program for preschoolers, the Children’s BookFest and computer instruction classes taught at six regional libraries.
WowUpdate - Coming in September 2014Its major fundraising event of the year is Literary Feast. Since 1988, some 400 well-known authors have traveled to Broward County to meet with donors, students and booklovers of all ages in a series of events. Organized by volunteers, Literary Feast will mark its 27th anniversary in the spring of 2015.
Today, more than 800 people are members of the Library Foundation. “We’re proud of all the Broward Public Library Foundation has accomplished over the years,” said Library Foundation Executive Director Dorothy Klein. “And we’re looking forward to working with Library Director Skye Patrick as this library system continues to evolve into a tech-savvy, community-focused institution.”
You can follow the activities of the Library Foundation at its website, and on its Facebook page,

This is the final issue of Connections.
Next month’s newsletter will have a new look and a new name: Wow Update

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