Company and Industry Info
Company and Industry Info

The Reference Section, located on the fifth floor of the Broward County Main Library, has a Career and Jobs Information area that includes publications that aid in choosing careers and finding job leads. Materials offering information on working conditions, education and training requirements, starting salaries, employment trends, and résumé writing are also available. One-hour appointments for assistance in using the materials may be scheduled with a librarian.

Print Sources -- Books

The Reference Section provides reference print materials on all aspects of career planning and job-search skills. Circulating books on careers and job searching are located on the fourth floor of the Broward County Main Library.

Books on the following topics are available:

  • Choosing a career
  • Educational and training programs
  • Job leads
  • Job search strategies
  • Licensing and accreditation requirements
  • Occupational and industry analyses, trends, and salaries
  • Preparing for a specific career
  • Résumé-writing and interviewing
  • Researching prospective employers

Note: Books on careers and employment are available at most branches of the Broward County Library and are generally classified in the 331.7 and 650.14 Dewey Decimal sections of the library.  

Services – One-on-One Reference Appointments

Call 954-357-7439 to set up a one-hour appointment with a librarian who can guide you in the use of print and electronic career and job-search materials.

Career Databases

The library provides easy access to the following career-related sites:

Adult Learning Center from BrainFuse - website
Adult Learning Center provides live, professional assistance in résumé writing and cover-letter writing, career coaching, GED and Citizenship test preparation, college placement preparation, the Microsoft Office Essential Skills series, and more.

Career Overview  - website
Career Overview provides career information, education, descriptions, and job search sources.

Career Transitions - website
Career Transitions is a complete, guided, self-paced application that walks the individual through the process — taking stock of the current situation, assessing strengths and interests, exploring new opportunities, improving chances of getting a job and finally taking the plunge and pursuing the next opportunity. Workers are guided by clear and concise information about career paths, industries, economies and companies - organized around simple-to-navigate portals that combine overviews with statistical information and Web tools to help make well-planned career choices.

Florida Choices Planner - website  
Florida Choices Planner is a Department of Education database for information on careers, Florida public and private postsecondary institutions, national institutions, and financial aid. Users can make career plans, develop résumés and complete job search activities online. Resources are targeted for adults, educators, parents and students.

Help Now from BrainFuse - website
Help Now provides free tutoring and skills-building for K-12, college and adult learners. 24/7 access to skills assessments and sample tests. LIVE help and test preparation aligned to Florida standardized tests, SAT, ACT and GED. It includes English/Language Arts, Foreign Language Lab, Writing Lab, Math (algebra to calculus), Science, and Social Studies. Also included is the Adult Learning Center for help with GED and U.S. Citizenship tests, writing a résumé and cover letter, and learning Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Live assistance is available every day from 2 to 11 p.m. Assistance in these subjects is also available in Spanish.

Job Now from BrainFuse - website
JobNow provides on-demand access to live, expert coaches for every stage of the job search. It includes live interview coaching and interview toolbox, career resources – including personality and career assessments, and expert résumé assistance. Also included is the Adult Learning Center for help with GED and U.S. Citizenship tests, writing a résumé and cover letter, and learning Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Live assistance is available every day from 2 to 11 p.m.

Links to Websites on Careers and Employment

Additional information on careers and job searching may be found on the following websites:

Career Information

ipl2:  Information You Can Trust - website
This is a searchable and annotated subject directory of internet resources that provide accurate, factual information on many topics. Select “Business” and then “Jobs and Work” or type a keyword in the search box.

Occupational Outlook Handbook - website 
Occupational Outlook Handbook, a resource of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, provides information on over 250 occupations. It includes the nature of the work, employment trends, starting salaries, training required, and sources of additional information.

Riley Guide - website  
This website offers career information and occupational guidance. Guidance and counseling associations and services are listed, and information on relocating for a job is included.

Workforce One Employment Solutions - website
The website of the Broward Workforce Development Board provides information on free employment and training opportunities, including workshops on résumé-writing, interviewing, and other job search skills.

Job Leads

Career Builder - website
Career Builder provides consolidated newspaper classified ads, including those appearing in the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald. 

Career Journal - website 
This website provides information on professional jobs nationwide that are listed in the Wall Street Journal.

Career One Stop - website  
This website, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, offers career resources and workforce information, including salary and benefit information and educational and training information. It also provides links to state job banks.

Craig’s List - website  
Craig’s List includes announcements of short-term jobs, part-time work, and telecommuting operations. Select a city and type of job.

Employ Florida Marketplace - website
This is a source for job-opportunity announcements both within and outside of Florida.

U.S. Jobs by the National Labor Exchange - website
Search for jobs nationwide by area of interest and location.

Jobbank USA - website 
Many jobs in all fields are listed in Jobbank USA. - website
This site provides local job leads. Enter a zip code, city or state and a job title or category.

Miami Herald - website
The Miami Herald website provides information on the South Florida job outlook. It includes résumé registration. - website 
This national site provides overviews of employers, including the products, services, employee benefits, and background of each company. It is a good site for posting résumés.

Monster College - website 
This site specializes in placing college students in full-time, part-time, and temporary jobs. Internship opportunities are included.

Nation Job - website
Search for jobs by keyword, category, or location.

Riley Guide - website
Riley Guide
provides links to many job-hunting sites on the Internet, including international locations.

Snag a Job - website
This is a good source for full-time and part-time hourly jobs.

Sun-Sentinel - website
"South Florida Career Center" contains thousands of South Florida jobs. It is another good site for posting résumés.

Teachers-Teachers - website
This website lists job openings at public and charter schools throughout Florida.

Workforce One Employment Solutions - website 
The website of the Broward Workforce Development Board provides a link to the Employ Florida Marketplace web site for job opportunity announcements, in addition to providing career guidance.

Government Jobs

Broward County - website
Broward County Government’s website provides information on Broward County government jobs and links to the home pages of many cities in Broward, where municipal jobs may be listed. It also includes job listings of Broward County Public Schools and local colleges and universities.

People First - website
People First
provides information on public-service government jobs in Florida.

USAJobs - website
This is the official site for employment information and jobs listed with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. It includes general information on U.S. government jobs, current job openings, and online applications.

Community Resources

Broward County Human Resources Division - website
115 S. Andrews Avenue, Annex B, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
954-357-JOBS (5627)
This personnel center for Broward County government jobs has an ongoing recording listing “Hot Jobs”, the positions for which agencies within Broward County Government are currently accepting job applications. 

Workforce One - website
2660 W. Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL
Workforce One provides listings of government and private sector job announcements statewide as well as professional career placement services and training opportunities. Assistance with résumé-writing and preparing for job interviews is also provided.



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