Local Law Sources
Local Law Sources

Print and Electronic

The following sources of county and municipal law are available in the Reference Section of the Broward County Main Library. 

STATUTORY LAW (Legislation)

Municipal Ordinances
The Reference Section has a print collection of the ordinances of many of the municipalities in Broward County. In addition, some cities post their ordinances on their websites. The Broward County website (www.broward.org) is a portal to the websites of each municipality.

Municipal Codes of Ordinances - Municipal Code website; American Legal Publishing website
The codes of most municipalities within Broward County are available at either website.

Broward County Ordinances
The Reference Section has a collection of print copies of the ordinances of the Broward County Commission. 

Broward County Code of Ordinances
Periodically, the ordinances of Broward County are codified into the Broward County Code of Ordinances. The Code is arranged according to broad subject areas. It is available in print in the Reference Section and online at the Municipal Code Corporation website.


Broward County Administrative Code, Volume 4
Volume 4 of this multi-volume set contains the administrative orders of the Broward County Administrator.


Broward County Administrative Code, Volumes 1 and 2 and Volumes 6-17
This multi-volume set contains the rules and regulations of Broward County’s governmental agencies.

CASE LAW (Court Opinions)

Florida Supplement
Some decisions of Broward County courts may be found in the Florida Supplement. Most cases, however, are unpublished and can only be found at the county courthouse.


Florida Rules of Court - Localwebsite
This book contains the administrative orders and court rules governing local courts throughout the state of Florida. 

Local administrative orders are directives that are necessary to administer the county or circuit court’s affairs. (These local administrative orders must be consistent with the Constitution of the State of Florida or with the court rules and administrative orders of the Florida Supreme Court.)

Local rules of court are rules of practice or procedure for a county court or circuit court that either facilitate the application of statewide rules or cover points that are not included in the statewide rules.

Administrative orders and local rules of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit, in Broward County, are available at the website of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit.



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