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The Reference Section of the Broward County Main Library has a collection of publications from all levels of government. The major portion of the collection consists of print and electronic documents from the United States government. These publications date back to the journals and letters of the Continental Congress and are as recent as the current issue of the Federal Register. Also in the Section are a collection of State of Florida documents and a collection of local publications of Broward County and its municipalities. The Section also has small collections of publications of the United Nations and other international organizations.

The collections are arranged in an alpha-numeric classification. United States publications are in classes A through Y, and all others are in class Z. In addition to the paper documents on the shelves, the Reference Section has microform containing the texts of thousands of government documents. Most of the federal and State of Florida documents are listed in the Broward County Library's online Library Catalog ( The Reference Section also has many specialized indexes and catalogs to access these publications.

In the event that the Reference Section does not have what you need, librarians may able to suggest a source for the needed information or assist you in getting the document through Interlibrary Loan. Call 954-357-7439 for assistance.