Federal Law
Federal Law

The Refence Section, located on the fifth floor of the Broward County Main Library, has a collection of federal law materials including the following major types of law:

Statutory Law
Laws enacted by Congress

Administrative Law

Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders


Rules and decisions of federal administrative agencies

  Case Law
 Court opinions

Print Sources - Books

Among the major holdings of the section are the following:

United States Code Annotated, which provides the text of the laws enacted by the U.S. Congress,

Code of Federal Regulations, which provides the text of the regulations of the federal administrative agencies,

United States Reports, which provides the opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court,

Federal Reporter, which provides the opinions of the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal, and

Federal Supplement, which provides the opinions of the U.S. District Courts.

Click here for a more comprehensive list of print and electronic sources of Federal Law.

Historical Collections - Microform

The Reference Section has a strong retrospective file of Congressional materials, dating back to the First Continental Congress of 1774. Congressional journals, reports, documents, hearings, and committee prints are available as well as bills, statutes, and codes. Also included in the collection are decisions of such agencies as the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission.

Many historical law documents are available through microform collections, such as the collections from LLMC (Law Library Microform Consortium)

Reference Databases

This database, available only on the fifth floor of the Main Library, contains federal statutory, administrative, and case law for all federal and state jurisdictions.

Links to General Web sites on Federal Law

Additional information on federal law may be found on the following websites:

Librarian's Index to the Internet: Websites You Can Trust
This is a searchable and annotated subject directory of internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians for their usefulness to users of public libraries. Select "Law" from the broad list of headings and then "Law by Subject", or any other sub-topic. You may also type a keyword in the search box.
American Law Sources Online (ALSO)
This guide to on-line sources of U.S. law also includes Canadian and Mexican law.

Findlaw provides access to federal executive, legislative, and judicial resources. It includes a searchable database of U.S. Supreme Court decisions that can also be browsed by year or by United States Reports volume number.

Internet Law Library
This site provides access to U.S. laws, regulations, court cases, treaties, as well as the laws of each state and the laws of other nations.
Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research

This meta-index gives links to sites that provide access to federal legislation, regulations, and judicial opinions. Links are provided to Thomas (for legislative-bill information and the text of the Congressional Record), Internet Law Library (for the U.S. Code and the Code of Federal Regulations), and FindLaw (for U.S. Supreme Court opinions). Also provided are links to people in the field of law.

Rominger Legal

Rominger Legal provides federal links to the U.S. Constitution, U.S. House and Senate, U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Register, U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Court of Appeals, and SEC reports. Links to state legal resources are also provided. 

Links to Websites on Federal Statutory Law
(Bills, Laws, Statutes, Codes, etc.)

Congressional Record
This site provides access to the official record of the proceedings and debates of the U.S. Congress.
GPO Access


Public Laws

Statutes at Large

U.S. Code

Thomas -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
This Library of Congress site for federal law includes the text of House and Senate bills, roll call votes, Congressional committee reports, the Congressional Record, and public laws.

U.S. Code - U.S. House of Representatives

This is the U.S. House of Representatives site for searching the United States Code.

U.S. House of Representatives

The website of the U.S. House of Representatives includes roll call votes, committee hearings, the U.S. Code, the Congressional Record, and a link to the Thomas website.

U.S. Senate

The website of the U.S. Senate includes the Senate calendar of the day plus information on legislative activities and Senate committees.

Links to Websites on Federal Administrative Law
(Presidential Executive Orders and Proclamations)

Code of Federal Regulations, Title 3,The President

The Code of Federal Regulations includes a compilation of all of the Executive Orders and Proclamations issued throughout the year.

Federal Register

Executive orders and proclamations are included in the daily Federal Register.

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
This site provides weekly access to the full text of Executive Orders and Proclamations of the U.S. President as well as to other Presidential messages and papers.

Links to Websites on Federal Administrative Law
(Rules and Regulations)

Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations of administrative agencies appear in the annual edition of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Federal Register

The daily Federal Register includes proposed rules as well as final rules.  Proposed rules are included so that individuals may provide input and comments before the final rules are made.

Links to Websites on Federal Case Law and Rules of Court
(Court Opinions and Rules)

Supreme Court Collection
The Supreme Court Collection website, a project of the Legal Information Institute, provides the text of U.S. Supreme Court opinions, from 1990 to the present, plus 600 of the most important historical decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Understanding the Federal Courts
This web page of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts provides an introduction to the federal judicial system, its organization and administration, and its relationship to the legislative and executive branches of the government.

United States Circuit Courts of Appeal Opinions

This web page provides information on the circuit courts of appeal throughout the country.

United States District Court Opinions

This web page provides information on the district courts throughout the

United States Courts: The Federal Judiciary
This web page serves as a clearinghouse for information about U.S. Courts at all levels. Links are provided to specific courts throughout the country.

United States Supreme Court
General information about the U.S. Supreme Court is available here.

United States Supreme Court
The full text of the opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court is included here.