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Print Sources - Books

The Reference Services Section located on the fifth floor of the Broward County Main Library has a collection of reference materials on finance and investment. Circulating books on these subjects are located on the fourth floor of the Broward County Main Library.

Note: Books on finance and investment are available at most branches of the Broward County Library and are generally classified in the 332.6 Dewey Decimal section of the library. Call your local branch library for additional information.

Print Sources - Investment Newsletters and other Investment Resources

A collection of business and investment newsletters is available in the Reference Section. Retrospective collections of Value Line Investment Survey, Morningstar Mutual Funds, and Mergent Manuals (formerly Moody's Manuals) are available for historical research.

Daily Graphs: NASDAQ (Weekly)
Detailed graphs are provided for more than 1,200 stocks. Over 70 technical and fundamental items are presented. Timeliness rankings, quarterly sales, and earnings information is given. Each issue includes an industry group performance report. There is a top performance NASDAQ initial public offerings (IPO) section.

Daily Graphs: New York & American Stock Exchange (Weekly)
Detailed graphs are provided for more than 1,600 stocks. Over 70 technical and fundamental items are presented. Timeliness rankings as well as quarterly sales and earnings information are given. Each issue includes an industry group performance report.

Dick Davis Digest (Bi-weekly)
This newsletter condenses the information of many other financial services and research reports and presents the recommendations of leading experts. It includes excerpts from the stock, bond, and mutual fund letters of leading analysts on Wall Street. It provides an overview of general market trends and industry and company news.

Dines Letter (Every 2-3 weeks)
Timely supervised stock recommendations, precious-metals recommendations, economic forecasts, bull-market and bear-market strategies, and details on the current market and economy are covered.   

Dow Theory Letters (every three weeks)
This letter, by Richard Russell, analyzes market trends under the Dow Theory (a theory based on the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial and Transportation stock-price averages, in which one average is used to confirm the other on upward or downward market trends). The letter covers the U.S. stock market, foreign markets, bonds, precious metals, commodities, and economics. Included are Richard Russell's comments, observations, and stock market philosophy. A feature of the Letter is the "primary trend index".

Growth Stock Outlook (Semi-monthly)
This newsletter provides data on stock earnings, sales, price-earning ratios, dividends, book values, returns on shareholder equity, and institutional holdings of America's fastest-growing companies. It recommends specific companies for long-term investment and includes a stock selection guide. The first-of-the-month report features a $10,000 supervised portfolio, which includes comparative performance data and comments. The mid-month report lists all the stocks currently followed.  Supplements include "Bank Stock Analyst", "Junior Growth Stocks", "New Issue Digest", and "Utility Analyst".

Hulbert Financial Digest (Monthly)
Published by Marketwatch, the stated purpose is "to provide objective performance data on various strategies". It tracks the performance of other investment advisory services. Computers track the performance of over 180 stock and mutual fund letters with more than 500 recommended portfolios. Each publication is ranked according to the percentage of gains or losses logged by the recommended portfolios.

Lowry's New York Stock Exchange Market Trend Analysis (Weekly)
This weekly newsletter analyzes intermediate and short-term market trends by using buying power and selling pressure indexes. It looks at Dow Jones Industrials and S & P 500 averages. Included is a detailed New York Stock Exchange analysis of trading.

Mergent Bond Record (monthly) and Mergent Annual Bond Record
The monthly Bond Record offers a comprehensive review of over 68,000 issues. It covers corporate, government, municipal, industrial development/environmental control revenue and international bonds. Also included are structured finance issues, medium term issues, convertible issues, preferred stocks, and commercial paper issues. Prices, yields, interest rates, maturity dates, dividend dates, and ratings are given.  Mergent's Annual Bond Record has the full-year ratings actions on corporate and municipal issues and preferred stock.

Moneyletter (semi-monthly)
This is a consumers' guide to money market and no-load mutual fund investing. It gives performance data on over 250 stock funds, 100 bond funds, 100 specialized funds, and 40 money market funds. It shows conservative, moderate, and venturesome portfolios with returns given for one month, six months, one year, three years, and year to date. There is a 12 month mutual fund scorecard with recommendations. Top-yielding money funds are listed with seven-day, 30-day, and one-year returns.

Morningstar Fund Investor (Monthly)
This 48-page newsletter states that it is "dedicated to helping investors pick great mutual funds, build winning portfolios, and monitor their funds for greater gains". It provides articles and tables on the top 500 of Morningstar's mutual funds. It covers all kinds of U.S. and foreign bond and stock funds. It provides historical information over a ten-year period and gives a rating of one to five stars.

Morningstar Mutual Funds (Bi-weekly)
This service provides full-page descriptions of 1, 600 mutual funds and a detailed index with commentary and updates on funds. Included in the reports are performance history going back 12 years, fund manager(s), major security holdings, sector weightings, and other data and analyses useful in making informed investment decisions about mutual funds. Return and risk are evaluated, and a star rating is given for each mutual fund.  Morningstar also includes analysts' picks for up to 150 funds that are favorites for long-term growth. 

No-Load Fund X (Monthly)
This is a monitoring system for no-load funds. It provides a system for identifying and investing in top-performing mutual funds. The strategy, known as upgrading, tells what funds to buy and when to sell. Stock and bond funds are divided into five classes and ranked within the class. Information given for each fund includes return data, capital gains, and dividends. 

Prudent Speculator (Monthly)
Al Frank founded this newsletter in 1977. It is focused on value stock investing and was created for the individual investor. Each month there is a list of currently recommended stocks from among more than 1,000 publicly traded companies covered by this newsletter. Full information is given for each stock. There are monthly buy and sell lists, model portfolios, and a portfolio builder section. Each issue has a performance scoreboard for the model portfolios, recommended stocks, and stock indexes.

Standard & Poor's Bond Guide (Monthly)
This guide covers over 7,700 bonds, with most of these being corporate bonds. Listed separately are more than 560 Canadian and foreign bonds and 320 convertible bonds. The alphabetical listing includes price, yield, redemption provisions, and an S & P rating.

Standard & Poor's Outlook (Weekly)
The Outlook provides portfolio advice as well as investment ideas. It gives specific stock recommendations and a list of stocks to avoid. The Star Appreciation Ranking System (STARS) separates stocks into categories: rising stars, falling stars, and new stars. The stocks with a five-star ranking are those thought to have the greatest profit potential. Included is a monthly sector scorecard. This service analyzes and projects business and stock market trends. Included are articles and recommendations on the stock market, economic outlook, financial planning, how to invest, and major investment news.

Standard & Poor's Stock Report
The Stock Report provides data and analysis for 5,000 public U.S. corporations and 3,200 companies from outside the U.S. These stocks are listed on the New York, American, NASDAQ, and regional exchanges. Each company profile is two pages and offers a snapshot of activities, performance, and outlook. S&P rankings, ten years of abbreviated financial data, ticker symbol, and transfer agent are given. Over 1,500 U.S. and 300 non-U.S. companies are ranked with buy/sell/hold Stock Appreciation Ranking System (STARS) rankings.

Standard and Poor's Stock Guide (Monthly)
The Stock Guide provides profiles on more than 10,000 common and preferred stocks. The profiles include each company's principal business description, price history for the past 30 years, total returns for latest one-year, three-year, and five-year periods, dividend information, current financial position and capitalization, and five years of earnings-per-share data. Separate sections cover preferred closed-end funds, mutual funds, and variable annuity/life investments.

Value Line Investment Survey - Standard Edition (Weekly)  
This survey covers approximately 1,700 stocks and 94 industries that are updated in a 13-week period. Every week about 135 stocks in seven or eight industries are covered.  Each stock is ranked for "Timeliness" (relative price performance in the year ahead) and for "Safety". Three-year to five-year projections of key financials and commentary on current operations and future prospects are given. The "Summary & Index" is a key to locating reports and cites the most recent data on each of the stocks followed. The main section, "Ratings & Reports", presents full-page, individual reports (giving the company's past performance, current status, and outlook) and industry reviews. The "Selection and Opinion" section, gives Value Line's views on the economy and the stock market and stocks of special interest. It also provides model portfolios with various objectives and gives economic and stock market statistics.

Value Line Investment Survey - Small & Mid-Cap Edition (Weekly)
This publication complements the standard edition of the Value Line Investment Survey and covers approximately 1,800 additional, mostly small-capitalization stocks.  About 140 stocks are updated each week. There is a "Summary & Index" and a "Ratings & Reports" section. This survey features earning estimates for many companies, a business description of each company, and Value Line's Performance Ranks. The ranking system is designed to predict relative price performance over the next six to 12 months. 
Value Line OTC Special Situations Service (Semi-monthly)
This service, designed for the aggressive investor, covers small, fast-growing companies. Each issue highlights at least one new special situation (a stock whose market price stands to rise sharply as the result of a major gain in earnings power) and provides follow-up advice on all previous special situations that have not been closed out. The follow-up includes a rating for each stock from "especially recommended" down to "hold" and "sell". Since 1951, this service has recommended over 1,100 special situations.

Reference Databases

The Reference Section also subscribes to the following databases for electronic investment information.

Business Insights: Essential provides profiles as well as full-text investment reports of most public companies. Articles from business journals from 1980 to the present are also included. 

Reference USA provides directory information and brief company profiles for businesses of all types and sizes throughout the U.S. Lists of companies may be accessed by type of business, geographic area, business size, and "special selects" (including headquarters, subsidiaries, branches, titles of executives, stock exchange, and other options). Links are provided to the websites of each company. In addition, links to stock market information, EDGAR files, and annual reports are available for public companies.

Both databases are accessible remotely by following these steps:

  • Click on "Catalogs and Online Resources"
  • Click on "Online Research"
  • Click on "Business Insights: Essential" or "Reference USA"

Links to Websites on Investments

Additional investment information may be found on the following websites:

Librarians' Internet Index:  Websites You Can Trust
This is a searchable and annotated subject directory of internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians for their usefulness to users of public libraries. Select "Business" and then "Finance" or type a keyword in the search box.

American Association of Individual Investors (AAII)
This site provides investors with the tools and knowledge to manage their finances. It includes information on financial planning, investing bases, stocks, mutual funds, and portfolio management. Some information is provided free, while membership is required for other information.

American Stock and Options Exchange
The official site of the American Stock Exchange provides information on equities, the options market, and exchange traded funds (ETCs).

Annual Report Gallery
This is an online library of over 1,000 annual financial reports. Companies marked with the symbol "Z" include a Wall Street Snapshot, provided by Zacks. This provides up-to-date financial information on the company: earnings estimates, income statements, balance sheets, market commentary, and number of brokers recommending buying or selling.

Bank Rate Monitor
This site gives rates for mortgages, home equity loans, savings, certificates of deposit (CDs), credit cards, checking accounts, and more. It tracks ATM fees and online banking fees and includes a loan calculator. The database includes over 4,000 institutions and is updated daily. There is also news about the banking and real estate industries.

Big Charts
This site provides historical stock quotes, which are especially useful for income tax and estate planning purposes. It gives closing prices by date for stocks or mutual funds back to January 2, 1970. It also provides easy-to-use online charting, industry information, and more.
Bloomberg Online
Bloomberg Online provides a wide variety of investment information, including market news, key rates, small business news, and a career page for financial employment opportunities.

CNN Money
The financial website of CNN includes the top financial stories of the day, business news, U.S. and world markets snapshots, the day's Dow Jones Averages and other indexes, most active stocks of the day, and much more.

Daily Treasury Statement
This government site summarizes data on the cash and debt operations of the U.S. Treasury, based on the reporting of the Treasury account balances of the Federal Reserve banks.

Dow Jones Averages
This site provides current and historical information about the Dow Jones indexes. It includes detailed composition of the indexes, articles, charts, and historical data going back to 1896.

EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval System) 
EDGAR, a part of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), includes the annual (10K) and quarterly (10Q) electronic reports all public companies must file with the SEC.

FCS Internet: Internet Gateway - Financial Links

FCS Internet provides links to stock and commodity exchanges around the world.

Financial Data Finder 
This is a database of websites targeted for finance researchers and scholars. It is arranged by specific categories: commodities, investments, real estate, venture capital, etc.

FINWEB: The Independent Financial Portal
FinWeb lists internet resources providing information on economics and finance-related topics. It includes links to the home pages of various business journals.

Hoover's Online: The Business Network
Hoover's Online provides access to the Hoover directories of companies. It allows searches by company name, industry, executive, etc. It includes lists of the current strong and weak industries with profiles of companies in each of those industries. Portions of the site are accessible for free.

INC. 500 List
Inc. 500 List profiles each of the 500 fastest-growing companies in America and provides links to each company's web site.

Investing in Bonds
This is a searchable website from the Bond Market Association. It provides basic guides to treasury securities, municipal bonds, and corporate bonds. Bond prices and trade details are available. It includes a glossary of related terms, buying and selling tips, and more.

Investor Guide - The Leading Guide to Investing on the Web
The Investor Guide provides links to Investor Guide Weekly newsletter, stock market research, charts, and quotes. It also includes an "Answer Center" and a "Glossary of Investor Words".

Investor Relations Information Network (IRIN)
This network provides electronic annual reports. More than 13,200 current and historical annual reports are available for viewing and printing. You may request a hard copy of an annual report, and IRIN will forward your request to that particular company.

Investools:  Investor Education
Investools provides advice and research for independent investors. Over 30 financial advisors provide buy recommendations and model portfolios. It includes advisory newsletters, research reports, quotes, and charts. One free advisor recommendation is provided daily. Subscription is required for more information. 

IPO Central
This site is available from Hoover's, a D & B company. There is information on initial public offerings (IPOs) that have filed with the SEC, and performance information for those companies that have recently gone public. There is an IPO scorecard, with best and worst returns. There is also an A-Z list of IPOs. Profiles and financial information are available for each of those listed.

This site includes articles from Kiplinger's Finance Magazine and daily news from April 1996 to the present. It gives stock quotes, funds data and yields, and rates from credit cards to home equity. There are financial calculators of all sorts, a directory of other business sites, and an advice column about "Kids and Money". Articles from the latest issue of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine are provided.

Market Watch from Dow Jones
Market Watch from Dow Jones provides daily data on stocks and mutual funds.  It includes stock market quotes and business and financial news.

Money Tree Report
This quarterly study by PricewaterhouseCoopers provides information on venture-capital activity throughout the United States. It can be searched by keyword or viewed by industry, geographical region, or by the name of the investment company or investee.

This site contains fund rating reports and stock quotes. Fund and stock reports can be retrieved by name, ticker symbol, rating, or performance criteria. Free content includes basic analysis and background, ratings, performance statistics, and graphs. Articles on market trends are also available.

Motley Fool
This is a comprehensive investment resource for small investors. There is helpful personal finance information and a good section that explains how to value stocks.

MSN Money Central
This is a comprehensive personal finance site, sponsored by Microsoft Network. It gives stock quotes, lists of top mutual funds, and information on such topics as retirement planning, saving for college, insurance, and buying or selling a home. 

MSN Money Central Investor
Microsoft Network's investor site features company news, market summaries, stock quotes, historical charts, and portfolio managers' online trading.

The official NASDAQ website has stock market news, quotes, and trading information. It includes initial public offerings (IPOs), broad coverage of current market data, and index tracking. A glossary of financial terms for investors is included.

National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts
A real estate investment trust (REIT) offers the small investor a way to invest in large commercial properties. This web site gives industry information and performance statistics on REITs. It has a searchable database of REITs, and a list of mutual funds that invest in them.

NYSE Euronext
The website of NYSE Euronext, a global exchange group consisting of the New York Stock Exchange and Euronext, Europe's leading cross-border exchange, provides market summary and stock prices for NYSE-listed companies. It includes links to web pages of listed companies.

Russell Indexes
Russell Indexes provides the latest figures for each of the Russell indexes, such as the Russell 3000 (which measures the performance of the 3,000 largest U.S. companies based on total market capitalization). It also includes indexes for Australia, Canada, and Japan.

U.S. Savings Bonds (Treasury Direct)
This site, from the U.S. Bureau of Public Debt, contains detailed information on savings bonds, treasury bills and notes, state-government and local-government securities, and current figures on the national debt. It includes bond value tables and calculators and links to online services that sell savings bonds. 

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
The SEC aims to protect investors and to maintain the integrity of the securities markets. This site offers the EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval) database, which contains the reports that the SEC requires companies to file. Other sections include information on how to check on brokers and financial advisors, litigation news, online trading and internet fraud information, trading suspensions, regulatory actions, information about disclosure practices, and information for small business.

Wall Street Journal Online
This online database provides some of the latest business news from the Wall Street Journal. To obtain access to all of the information in the database, registration is required after a free two-week trial. Stock market quotes and company information are included.

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance provides U.S. and international stock quotes, historical stock quotes, and other market information. There is general financial news, industry news, and annual reports. There is also mutual fund, bond, and option information as well as currency rates and mortgage rates. Links to more than 20 international sites are included. Personal finance subjects include loans, insurance, and taxes.



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