International Law and Treaties
International Law and Treaties
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Although The Reference Section, located on the fifth floor of the Broward County Main Library, does not specialize in international law, it has a collection of national and international treaties from 1648 to the present.

Treaties are agreements between two or more sovereign states or powers on any subject of mutual concern. Treaties may end wars, set fishing limits, arrange for international taxation, set boundaries, or arrange any number of other issues.

National treaties between the United States and other parties are published in the following sources:

Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of, America, 1776-1949 (Bevans)

United States Treaties and Other International Agreements, 1950 - present
Unperfected Treaties of the United States of America, 1776-1976

International treaties , to which the United States may or may not be a party, are published in the following sources:

Consolidated Treaty Series, 1648-1918

League of Nations Treaty Series, 1918-1945

United Nations Treaty Series, 1946 - present

Native American treaties between the United States Government and American Indian Nations are also housed in the BLG Section, and are included in the following sources: 

Ratified Indian Treaties, 1722-1869

Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties (Kappler)

United States Statutes at Large

Felix Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law

List of Indian Treaties

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