Law Materials Available through the LLMC Microform Collection
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Administrative Decisions under the Immigration and Nationality Laws

Annals of Congress

Annual Reports of the Attorney General

Annual Reports of the Civil Aeronautics Authority

Annual Reports of the Civil Aeronautics Board

Annual Reports of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare

Annual Reports of the Federal Security Agency

Annual Reports of the Immigration and Naturalization Service

Annual Reports of the Maritime Administration

Atomic Energy Commission Reports

Bevans' Treaties

Board of Indian Appeals Decisions and Orders

Board of Tax Appeals Reports

Civil Aeronautics Board Reports

Code of Laws of the United States

Congressional Debates

Congressional Directory

Congressional Globe

Congressional Record

Court of Claims Reports

Court of Customs and Patent Appeals Reports

Customs Bulletin

Decisions and Reports of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Decisions, Findings, Orders and Stipulations of the
Federal Trade Commission

Decisions of the Commissioner of Patents

Decisions of the Department of the Interior

Department of Justice - Japanese-American Evacuation Claims Act Decisions

Department of State Treaty Series

Digest of Public General Bills and Resolutions

Executive Agreement Series

FCC Record

Federal Communication Commission Reports

Federal Maritime Board and Maritime Administration Reports

Federal Maritime Commission Decisions

Federal Reporter

Florida Supreme Court Reports (Official)

I & N Reporter

Immigration and Naturalization Commission - Hearings

Immigration and Naturalization Commission - Report

Immigration Commission - Reports

Indian Claims Commission Decisions

Internal Revenue Cumulative Bulletin

Interpreter Releases

Internal Revenue Forms

Journals of the Continental Congress

Journals of the Executive Proceedings of the United States Senate

League of Nations - Treaty Series

Marijuana and Drug Abuse Commission - Reports

Monthly Checklist of State Publications

Monthly Review of the Immigration and Naturalization Service

Native American Collection

Obscenity and Pornography Commission - Report

Official Summary of Stock Transactions and Holdings

Opinions and Decisions of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Opinions of the Attorney General

Rasmussen Report

Reports of the Interstate Commerce Commission

Revised Statutes of 1875

Revised Statutes of 1875, Commissioners' Report and Legislative History

Revised Statutes of 1878

SEC Docket

Southern Reporter (1st Series)

Statutes and Court Decisions (Federal Trade Commission)

Statutes at Large of the United States

Territorial Papers of the United States

Treasury Decisions - Internal Revenue

Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States

Treaties in Force

Treaty Information Bulletin

United Nations Bulletin

United Nations Chronicle

United Nations Conferences on the Law of the Sea

United Nations List of Treaty Collections

United Nations Review

United Nations - Treaty Series

United Nations World

United States Customs Court Reports

United States Government Manual

United States Supreme Court Reports (Official Edition)

United States Tax Court Reports

United States Treaties and Other International Agreements

Warren Commission - Report

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

Wickersham Commission - Reports of the National Commission on
Law Observance and Enforcement