State Law

Print Resources  

The Reference Section, located on the fifth floor of the Broward County Main Library, maintains a collection of the law materials of the State of Florida. The collection includes the following major categories of law:

Statutory Law
Laws enacted by the Florida Legislature

Administrative Law

Governor's Proclamations and Executive Orders

Rules and decisions of Florida's administrative agencies

  Case Law
 Court opinions

Among the major State of Florida legal resources are the following:

Florida Statutes , containing the text of the laws enacted by the Florida Legislature.

Florida Administrative Code , containing the regulations of the Florida administrative agencies.

Southern Reporter , containing the opinions of the courts of the state of Florida as well as Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

The BLG Section maintains an historical collection of Florida session laws, in print and on microfiche, beginning in 1822. Paper copies of legislative journals go back several decades. The section also maintains a collection of the opinions of the Florida Attorney General dating back to 1941.

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Reference Databases

The BLG Section has a database of statutory, administrative, and case law for all federal and state jurisdictions. This database is not remotely accessible but may be used by visiting the BLG Section at the Broward County Main Library. Ask the BLG librarians to assist you in logging on.

Links to General Websites on Florida Law

Additional information on state law may be found on the following websites:

Librarians' Internet Index: Websites You Can Trust
This is a searchable and annotated subject directory of internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians for their usefulness to users of public libraries. Select "Law" from the broad list of headings and then select "Law by Place (U.S. States & non-U.S.)".

American Law Sources Online (ALSO!) - U.S. Law - Florida Sources
This is a guide to Florida law on the Internet.

Family Law Forms
Forms provides forms related to all aspects of family law in Florida. It also provides the text of the Florida Constitution, statutes, rules, and court opinions. Also included are directories of professional court reporters, expert witnesses and private investigators. Links to the web pages of each Florida governmental agency, as well as federal agencies, are included.

Florida Law Online
comprehensive site, created and maintained by Fort Lauderdale attorney James H. Wyman, provides easy access to Florida legislative, executive, and judicial information as well as to law reviews and directories of lawyers.

The Florida Lawyer
The Florida Lawyer website provides legal news and information on the Florida executive, legislative, and judicial branches. It also includes links to Florida law firms and law schools.

Rominger Legal: Florida State Legal Page
Florida State Legal Page is a comprehensive site for Florida statutory, regulatory, and case law. It also provides links to professional directories (court reporters, expert witnesses, private investigators, process servers, etc.) as well as links to the home pages of Florida law schools and Florida government agencies.

Links to Websites on Florida Statutory Law
(Bills, Laws, Statutes, etc.)

Florida Legislative Library Service
This site offers information on the collections and policies of the Florida Legislative Library. 

Online Sunshine: Official Guide to the State of Florida Legislature
Online Sunshine provides the text of Florida bills, Laws of Florida and the Florida Statutes as well as the Constitution of the State of Florida. It also includes legislative calendars and lobbyist information.

Links to Websites on Florida Administrative Law
(Rules and Regulations)

Florida Administrative Weekly on the Web
This site provides direct access to the proposed and final rules and regulations affecting Floridians. Notices of public meetings are included.

Florida Administrative Code
This site provides direct access to the codified version of the final rules and regulations of Florida administrative agencies.

Links to Websites on Florida Case Law and Rules of Court
(Court Opinions and Rules)

Florida State Courts
The site of the Florida courts system provides links to the Florida Supreme Court, District Courts of Appeals, and Circuit Courts. It also provides links to the Family and Juvenile Courts Home Page. Information about pending and recent legislation affecting the court system and an index to legal research resources are also included.

Florida Supreme Court
The home page of the Florida Supreme Court provides access to court-related information.

Links to the Opinions of the Attorney General

Florida Office of the Attorney General
This site provides access to opinions of the Attorney General of the State
of Florida.
News releases and announcements, opinions of the Attorney General, information on the Florida Government-in-the-Sunshine Law, and locations of the offices of the Attorney General are all included on this website.

Links to Web sites for Laws of Other States:

Findlaw provides a wealth of legal information, including links to state resources throughout the U.S.


Lawcrawler provides a search engine to many kinds of legal information, including state government information for all states.

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