Congressional Materials
Congressional Materials
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The Reference Section has a large collection of publications of the United States Congress, with accompanying indexes. Publications include bills, journals, documents, reports, committee hearings, committee prints, and statutes.


Recent bills, as well as bills from some previous Congresses, are available through the Library of Congress' Thomas Web site ( 


The journals of the Continental Congress (which are available in the Papers of the Continental Congress microfiche collection), Journals of the House and Senate, (which were issued as part of the U.S. Serial Set from the 15th through the 82nd Congresses) and the Senate Executive Journals (from 1789 to date) are available in The Reference Section.

A complete file of the Congressional Record and its predecessors (from 1789 to the present) is also housed in this section, in a variety of formats (microfilm, microfiche, paper, electronic, etc.). The daily Congressional Record is currently available on GPO’s Federal Digital System.

U.S. Serial Set

The Reference Section has a complete file of the CIS U.S. Serial Set (1789 -1969), which includes House and Senate Reports and Documents, in addition to the Journals of the House and Senate mentioned above. House and Senate Reports and Documents from 1970 on are available through the CIS Index Microfiche Library. Finding aids include Indexes to the CIS U.S. Serial Set and the CIS Index.

Hearings and Committee Prints

The Section has the text of hearings, in microfiche format, as far back as 1952. The CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Hearings Index and the U.S. Congressional Committee Prints Index are available as finding aids.

Special Studies and Collections

Among the special collections of the Reference Section is a microfilm collection of the Papers of the Continental Congress. This collection is accompanied by a five-volume printed index. Another important collection is Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress, beginning in 1916. This collection is updated yearly and is accompanied by printed guides. 

Statutes at Large

The Section has a complete collection of the United States Statutes at Large, with the early volumes on microfiche and the later volumes in paper format. There is also a complete collection of the United States Code Annotated.


The Section also has directories of legislators and their staffs. The collection includes the Congressional Directory, Congressional Staff Directory, as well as the Congressional Yellow Book.

Congressional District Atlases

Also included in the Reference Section is a Congressional District Atlas and a historical atlas of Congressional Districts, which includes maps of the various districts back to the First Congress in 1789.