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 About the Collections

 The Broward County Libraries Division maintains special collections including but not limited to, documents, photographs, artifacts, artwork and rare books. Materials in these collections may be protected by the U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S.C.).

 Featured Collection

 Aerial Views of Broward County

The first aerial photograph is believed to have been taken by french balloonist and photographer Gaspar Felix Tournachon, while he was in a tethered hot-air balloon floating 262 feet above the village of Petit-Becetre. Nadar (as Tournachon was known) experimented for 3 years before successfully accomplishing this feat using the complex collodion photographic process which required that a complete darkroom be carried in the basket of the balloon. The images in this collection were taken with varying types of equipment, from simple cameras aboard aircraft to sophisticated CCD image sensors onboard orbiting satellites. Browse this Collection...​
Aerial Views of Broward County