Free Books Posters

for your Smart Phone/eBook Reader at 20 Broward County Library Locations

QR CodeAccess 15,000 free downloadable books to your smart phone or electronic reading devices from QR code posters now on display at 20 Broward County Library locations. The posters, which are prominently displayed and easy to use, allow customers to access 15,000 free book titles, including fiction, nonfiction and children’s stories, by scanning a QR code with their smart phone or eBook Reader. The book titles will not expire and do not count against your Broward County Library limit.

Each poster features a QR code that can be scanned or photographed by a smart phone or electronic reading device, directing the user to a Broward County Library website where users can select free books, search the library catalog, obtain information on compatible electronic reading devices, select lending periods for electronic materials and even post their own ratings of titles to share with others.

While it is not necessary to have a Broward County Library card to access the 15,000 free books, the QR code on the poster does allow Broward County Library card holders to also access Broward County Library’s electronic OverDrive collection, which offers a wide range of bestsellers, hot titles and new arrivals of eBooks, audio books, iPod-compatible audio books (Windows), MP3 audio books and videos as well as the entire Broward County Library catalog.

The Free Downloadable Book posters, which provide a fast and easy way to access books, will be on display at the following libraries:

QR (quick response) codes can be used by anyone with a smart phone or electronic reader with a scanner app such as QR Scanner or NeoReader. QR codes have been in use since 1994, but are gaining popularity in the United States as an efficient way to provide bookmarks to web resources.

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