Focus on Broward: Wine and Spirits
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September 21, 2016
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Halloween propsFocus on Broward: Wine and Spirits

From lively libations to ghastly ghosts, Broward County Library is the place to be in October!

October 1 - Beer Appreciation 101: Expand your culinary hop knowledge! Learn about major beer types and food pairings, limited seating, over-21 only/bring valid ID, 3:30 to 4:30PM, North Regional/Broward College Library
October 15 - Spooky Craft, ages 3 and up, 2 to 3PM, South Regional/Broward College Library
October 15 - Discover South Florida Beers, over-21 only/bring valid ID, 4 to 5:30PM, Northwest Regional Library
October 18 - Appetizer Swap and Wine Pairing, over-21 only/bring valid ID, 5:30 to 6PM, Young At Art Museum/Broward County Library
October 22 - Beer Smarts 101, preregister, over-21 only/bring valid ID, 6:30 to 7:30PM, Carver Ranches Library
October 25 - Halloween Carnival, fun and games, ages 3-9, 6:30 to 7:30PM, South Regional/Broward College Library
October 27 - Broward Hauntings: Not-Too-Scary Stories and Craft, school-age children, 4 to 5PM, North Lauderdale Saraniero Library


The Beer Connoisseur MagazineWine Enthusiast MagazineCraft: The California Beer DocumentaryThe Secrets of Wine
Use your Broward County Library card to learn more about wine and beer with these free resources – including magazines, streaming video and even an online course.

  • Brewing Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Beer at Home by Joe Fisher. This foolproof beginner's guide to brewing great beer at home includes everything you need to know to make your very first batch including simple, step-by-step instructions and 25 recipes for a variety of beer styles. (eBook)
  • An Introductory Guide to Wine: Instructional video for anyone who has always wanted to learn more about wine, but didn't know where to start. An Introductory Guide to Wine gives you the basics you need to understand and appreciate this intriguing beverage. (Streaming Video/Hoopla)
  • Beginner’s Guide to Wine: Online course that includes an overview of basic terms and principles about wine and topics such as how to properly taste wine and how to make a good selection in a restaurant or a store. It also covers the characteristics of wine including its flavors, aromas and color. (Online Course/Universal Class)
  • Craft: The California Beer Documentary: With over 600 breweries and a $6.5 billion economic impact, California's one of the important places in the world of craft beer. Starting with America's first craft brewery, Anchor Steam, the film explores topics ranging from the environmental concerns of running a brewery to micro vs. macro beer. (Streaming Video/Hoopla)
  • Crafting a Nation: The American craft beer industry began its rise during the worst economic crisis in America since the Great Depression. In 2012, as the craft beer movement was sweeping the country, a team of filmmakers with a passion for both documentary film and craft beer tell the story of how the American Dream is alive and well. (Streaming Video/Hoopla)
  • Perfect Pairings: A Master Sommelier's Practical Advice for Partnering Wine with Food by Evan Goldstein. Provides straightforward, practical advice for choosing the right bottle for each meal. (Book)
  • The Beer Connoisseur Magazine: Explore beer culture both in America and abroad and offers informative articles on craft beers and those who brew them. Also includes expert beer reviews, dining, cooking with recipes, international travel, brewery tours, personalities, culture and more. (Downloadable Magazine/Zinio)
  • The Secrets of Wine: An instructional video guide to wine tasting that explains how to reveal the taste and aroma in the most popular types of red and white wines. Understand the meaning of the expressions used by wine experts, learn about the different types of grapes and discover how to taste, smell and select the right wine for you. (Streaming Video/Hoopla)
  • Wine Enthusiast Magazine: Features the hottest trends in everything related to wine including over 700 expert ratings and reviews in each issue as well as articles on all aspects of cocktails, spirits, beer, wine and food pairings, trendy recipes and more. (Downloadable Magazine/Zinio)

Broward County Library’s Coordinator of Digital Initiatives Bob Anstett with WPLG Local 10 News anchor/health reporter Kristi Krueger at Main Library’s Creation Station
Broward County Library’s Coordinator of Digital Initiatives Bob Anstett with WPLG Local 10 News anchor/health reporter Kristi Krueger at Main Library’s Creation Station.
In the News: Broward County Library’s Creation Station is a Game Changer!

Broward County Library’s Creation Station, the County’s first free makerspace/gadget lab, was just featured on WPLG Local 10 News! Anchor/health reporter Kristi Krueger interviewed Creation Station staff and customers about the amazing ways it helps make dreams a reality by using its 3D printers to create prosthetic devices for disabled customers.
Leonardo V., from Bolivia, is the proud recipient of a prosthetic hand made in the Creation Station.
Leonardo V., from Bolivia, is the proud recipient of a prosthetic hand made in the Creation Station.
Due to a physical handicap, BCL customer Jake Frank couldn’t hold a joystick and that made it impossible to play the video games he loves. Creation Station staff member Devon Edwards worked one-on-one with Jake to create a joystick attachment that makes it easy for him to access and play video games.
The Creation Station also partnered with No Nova Southeastern University’s Occupational Therapy Department and the e-NABLE Project/3D Mechanical Hand – Maker Movement to create five plastic prosthetic hands using the Creation Station’s 3D printers. The hands were then distributed to underprivileged children who couldn’t otherwise afford them.
The Creation Station is hosting a Rededication Ceremony/Space Day at Main Library this Saturday, September 24th from 10:30AM to 4PM. The event, which is free and open to the public, will feature a full day of activities including visits to the portable Star Lab planetarium, interactive exhibits, demos of 3D printers and virtual reality, films, giveaways for the children, author talks, a presentation from Microsoft, and drawing for a family four-pack of passes to the MODS Exhibits and IMAX Theatre. 

Destination Fridays logoDestination Fridays – Motown!

Enjoy a night of music and dance at Destination Fridays – Motown from 6:30 to 9:30PM on October 7th at African-American Research Library and Cultural Center.
Eat soul food, drink the night’s special “Motown Cocktail” and get down to the sounds of the Ladies of Soul performing live.
Tickets to this after-hours, over-21 event are $10. For details or ticket info, call 954-357-6210 or visit

Explore African-American Music with Your Free Nova Southeastern University Alvin Sherman Library E-Card

MusiciansAfrican American Music Reference is just one of the great online resources you can access with your free Nova Southeastern University Alvin Sherman Library E-Card. This extensive database offers essays and images covering blues, jazz, spirituals, civil rights songs, slave songs, minstrels, rhythm and blues, gospel and other forms of black American musical expression.
Don’t have a Nova Southeastern University Alvin Sherman Library E-Card? Apply online quickly and easily and begin exploring the wealth of resources available.

Lifelong learner Rubin Cohen with Senior Community Library Manager Ronnie Kowal (left) and  OASIS instructor Robert Goldberg (right).
Lifelong learner Rubin Cohen with Senior Community Library Manager Ronnie Kowal (left) and OASIS instructor Robert Goldberg (right)
Meet Ruby Cohen – One of BCL’s Lifelong Learners!

When Rubin (Ruby) Cohen turned 100 years old in June, his family gave him a laptop computer for his  birthday. He put it to good use by taking “Explore Google,” one of the free computer classes offered at North Regional/Broward College.
Rubin (Ruby) Cohen is very happy that the library offers free computer classes and Broward County Library is  very happy to have him as a student. We celebrated by presenting him with some library “gifts” and taking a photo with this amazing man.
Be an amazing, lifelong learner, too! Check out our calendar of free classes and events offered at libraries countywide and join Ruby and the many others who’ve learned something new at BCL.

ZIKA Virus warning signZIKA Virus HandbookLet’s Zap Zika!

With the occurrence of the Zika virus in parts of Florida, it is important to protect yourself and your family. Learn how you can be part of the solution at Broward County’s “Zap Zika” webpage.
New from Broward County Library: Use your Broward County Library card to check out The Zika Virus Handbook: A Doctor Explains All You Need to Know About the Pandemic by Joseph Alton

Learn About Natural Pest Control Methods with These Resources from Broward County Library

Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden: A Natural Approach to Pest ControlDead Snails Leave No Trails: Natural Pest Control for Home and GardenNatural Pest Control: Alternatives to Chemicals for the Home and GardenLiving with Bugs: Least-Toxic Solutions to Everyday Bug ProblemsSimple Green Pest and Disease Control
Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden: A Natural Approach to Pest Control by Jessica Walliser. Learn about bugs and plants and how to create a garden that benefits from both. (2015/eBook)
Dead Snails Leave No Trails: Natural Pest Control for Home and Garden by Loren Nancarrow. A practical guide to repelling indoor and outdoor pests using organic methods, updated with new information on getting rid of bedbugs and dust mites, plus updated online resources. (2013)
Living with Bugs: Least-Toxic Solutions to Everyday Bug Problems by Jack DeAngelis. Get answers to every homeowner's questions about the insects and related critters that share our homes and living spaces. (2009)
Natural Pest Control: Alternatives to Chemicals for the Home and Garden by Lopez. Learn how to buy natural products — from Tabasco sauce to vinegar, from soap to flour — to organically control pests and enhance the growth of your vegetables, roses, trees and lawn. (2008)
The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Pest and Disease Control: A Complete Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Garden and Yard the Earth-Friendly Way by Fern Marshall Bradley. Features the latest science-based recommendations for battling garden problems as well as ways to quickly identify whether you've discovered garden friend or foe and what action, if any, you should take. (2015/eBook)
Simple Green Pest and Disease Control by Bob Flowerdew. Provides advice on organic gardening techniques that keep gardens free of both diseases and pests, including using resistant plants, physical barriers, natural predators, companion planting and other methods. (2012)

2016 Election application, flagVote 2016!

Did you know you can register to vote at any Broward County Library location? The deadline to register for the November 18, 2016 election is October 11th. For details and registration information, visit the Broward County Supervisor of Elections website
Broward County Libraries will host a number of election-related events in October. All programs are free and open to the public.

October 6 - Decision 2016: League of Women Voters Presents: Everything You Need to Know to Be an Educated Voter in November, 12 to 1:30PM, North Regional/Broward College Library        
October 8 - Celebrate 240 Years of Freedom, 2 to 4PM, Deerfield Beach Percy White Library
October 8 - Casting Your Vote: The Big Election Issues of the 2016 Presidential Campaign, 2 to 4PM, Southwest Regional Library
October 19 - Mock Election Ballot Practice, 12 to 8PM, Jan Moran Collier City Learning Library

US flag and government buildingOnline Classes in American History and Government

Need a little refresher course before you visit the polls? Why not use your Broward County Library card to take a free online course from Universal Class?

  • American Government: Learn how the government is set up and how it works including how the American government is organized; American culture and how it forms the environment in which the government functions; and the influences that the citizenry exerts on the policy-making process.
  • American History Review: Explore the history of the U.S. starting with its early Native American roots and colonist settlements; the forging of a new national identity; the establishment of the country of the United States as a world power; and the events and memorable individuals that have helped shape America today.
  • American Revolutionary War: The American Revolution set the stage for the creation of the United States of America, one of the most powerful and influential countries in the history of the world. Throughout the years that followed the American Revolutionary War, the fledgling nation would form, expand and grow to become a dominant power in world affairs by the early twentieth century

A Penny at Work – Have You Heard?

A Penny At Work flierOn the ballot this November are two one-half percent (or 0.5 cent per dollar) sales surtax questions. One 0.5 cent sales surtax is proposed to fund countywide transportation projects and the other 0.5 cent sales surtax is proposed to fund infrastructure projects. Together, they represent a one percent sales surtax, which is the equivalent of one penny per dollar spent.
These two ballot questions are linked together, so that both must pass in order for either to take effect. If only one ballot measure passes, then neither will be implemented. The funds generated by the combined one penny sales surtax will be used to fund a variety of projects such as enhanced transit options, traffic signal synchronization, water and sewer improvements (pipes and treatment plants), drainage improvements to address street flooding issues, and senior mobility. Both sales surtaxes would expire after 30 years. For more information, visit A Penny at Work website.