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Ten-Year Anniversary of the Moon Rock Exhibit

Broward County Main Library will celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the moon rock exhibit on Wednesday, November 1st from 5:30 to 7:30PM. The family of Apollo 7 astronaut Donn Eisele, who lived in Fort Lauderdale, donated the moon rock to the Broward County Libraries Division on October 23, 2007. The celebration is free and open to the public. 

book apollo pilotFrancis French, Director of Education, San Diego Air & Space Museum, and editor of the book Apollo Pilot: The Memoir of Astronaut Donn Eisele, will speak at the event. The title of the presentation is "The Forgotten Astronaut: Donn Eisele and Apollo 7." Books will be for sale that evening. Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden will also speak that evening.

The moon rock, which is from the Apollo 15 mission, was awarded to the Library through NASA's Ambassador of Exploration Award Program and is on display on the sixth floor of the Main Library. Apollo astronauts, on missions that took place between 1968 and 1972, were each given a portion of the 842 pounds of moon rock collected during the moon landings. 

The Apollo 7 spacecraft crew consisted of Commander Walter M. Schirra, Jr., Command Module Pilot Donn F. Eisele, and Walter Cunningham as Lunar Module Pilot. NASA's first successful three-man space mission flew in Earth orbit from October 11 to October 22, 1968 so that the crew could check life-support, propulsion and control systems. A 20-minute film of the Apollo 7 mission runs continuously at the library exhibit. Photos of the Apollo 7 mission, space-related keepsakes, and life-size replicas of astronauts are also on display. 

The moon rock exhibit is secured and coordinated by the Broward Public Library Foundation.


The 2017 StoryBook Festival Celebrates Community and Unity

kids dressed as robin hood and fairyThe 16th Annual StoryBook Festival, held at the Southwest Regional Library, is coming soon! Children and families are invited to this free, fun event scheduled for Saturday, November 18th from 10AM to 4:30PM.

This year's event will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the book Frederick, written and illustrated by Leo Lionni, which focuses on the nature of community and the many roles played within a community . The theme of the 2017 StoryBook Festival is "It Takes a Village...in Honor of Leo Lionni."

The first 1,000 children arriving to the festival will receive a free book. The City of Pembroke Pines will sponsor an arts and crafts tent where kids can get creative. Children can interact with their favorite storybook characters in the Fantasy Forest, and will also enjoy the "Swappin' Ground" area where they may tell their own stories. 

Food trucks will be on site, selling tasty treats all day, as well as a fire truck, if available. Children can get their face painted for free, and parents can bring cameras to take photos at the Storybook Photo Spots. Children are encouraged to come to the festival in costume and join the Storybook Parade. There will be a full day of music, dance, storytelling, storybook characters and children's performances on three stages. 

Featured performances will include:

  • Tales by origami storyteller Kuniko Yamamoto
  • Storyteller Donna Washington
  • Comedy/magic show with magician Brent Gregory
  • Fantasy Stew, an arts-in-education theatrical show presented by Fantasy Theatre Factory
  • Children's entertainer Suzy Hammer, performing as the Bookworm
  • Children's entertainer Marci Poppins
  • Stilt Walkers

For additional information please call 954-357-7406, 954-357-7317 or 954-357-6580.

The StoryBook Festival is presented by, and funded through, the Broward Public Library Foundation, in partnership with the City of Pembroke Pines. It is sponsored by the Friends of Southwest Regional Library and Broward Family Life Magazine. This project is funded in part by Broward County through the Broward County Commissioners with proceeds from the 2000 Broward County Safe Parks and Land Preservation Bond Issue.

Leo Lionni: Painter, Author, Illustrator

book frederickBefore becoming a children’s book author and illustrator, Leo Lionni (1910-1999) was a well-known and respected painter who worked in the Futurism and avant-garde styles. Born in Amsterdam, Lionni moved with his family to Italy when he was a teen and then moved to the United States in 1939 where he worked as an art director of ad agencies and magazines. He moved back to Italy in 1962 and began writing and illustrating children’s books. He was the first children’s book author/illustrator to use collage as the main medium for his illustrations.

Haven’t read Frederick yet? Check out the print, eBook and Spanish version or pick up one of his other great books!

book alexanderbook fishbook geraldinebook alphabet treebook tico 

Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse, Fish is Fish, Geraldine the Music Mouse, The Alphabet Tree and Tico and the Golden Wings.

Save These Dates...

  • Destination Fridays – Jamaica: Dancing, dining, a signature cocktail, entertainment and more! Tickets are $10, available at the door or from Eventbrite, November 3rd from 6:30 to 9:30PM, African-American Research Library & Cultural Center
  • Celebrating Tamarac Library: Learn about the history of Tamarac Library and meet local authors, December 7th from 10AM to 1PM, Tamarac Library 

Library Superfan Ellen Jaffe

 “Ebooks completely changed my world.” says South Florida radio host Ellen Jaffe. “A friend recommended it -- ellen jaffeand it was a revelation! I haven’t gone back!”

Ellen Jaffe has been a popular radio personality in South Florida since 1980. When she’s not on the air at Easy 93.1, she is indulging a lifelong passion: reading. “I can’t imagine a life without books and the library,” she says. “And OverDrive is the most convenient way to read that I’ve ever had.”

Overdrive eBooks and eAudiobooks can be downloaded into your eReader, tablet, smartphone and computer. Digital format eliminates lugging heavy books and allows readers to adjust the size of the print from standard to large print. One feature that Jaffe appreciates is that there are no late fees, something she was always paying with traditional materials. But her list of “nice benefits” doesn’t end there.

Although she describes herself as “resistant for a long time” to the idea of eBooks, Jaffe has been an avid user for the past two years, citing advantages over print reading such as a better lit page, the ability to instantly look up words or concepts on the spot and eliminating the clutter of books piling up. Plus, she loves that the program maintains her wish list and alerts her when it’s time to open a requested item. 

Jaffe currently hosts the Easy 93.1 “Community Focus” program, airing Sunday mornings, and a music program on Saturday afternoons, in addition to coordinating public service messages and events for the station.

Among the groups that the station is actively boosting in the community is local veterans, a mission in common with Broward County Library and its Veterans Connect Hotspot Program. Easy 93.1 is finalizing the details of a new segment that will showcase job-ready veterans online and on the air to attract employers, something made achievable by taking advantage of the library’s many free in-person workshops and online resources for job seekers.    

Ready to join Ellen Jaffe and try eBooks yourself? Check out Libby, a fun and friendly complimentary app for eBooks and audiobooks. For anyone who would like an in-person tutorial, the library has digital downloads classes everywhere!     


Three Horses Above the Cat Walk

(click image to enlarge)

Art Spot: Can you name the library branch where this public art is located?


  • Artist:  Salvatore Zagami
  • Title:  Three Horses Above The Cat Walk
  • Medium:  Sculpture - Steel, Fiberglass and Paint
  • Size: 16'x 4' x 6'
  • Year Installed:  1988

This dramatic, suspended steel and fiberglass sculpture dangling in the library atrium before a wall of windows is nothing if not memorable. Black is the unifying color for this mysterious gathering of fragmented sculptural elements: three human masks, three horse heads, one bird, one feline bust, one caged dog head and a pair of skeleton hands. All these elements are attached to a steel structure with oversized fiberglass bolts and nuts.

Come back next week for the answer!


Reflections by Jayaswal 

The answer to last week's Art Spot: Reflections by Margaret Tolbert & Nitin Jayaswall is located at... Weston Library.



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