Ready to Read
early literacy

Try These 5 Simple Activities

TalkingHelp your child get ready to read with these simple activities.
It’s never too early to start!
1. Talking
Talk with your child.
Make sure your child has opportunities to talk with you, not just listen to you talk.
Stretch your child’s vocabulary. Use new words. The more words your child hears the better!
Teach your child specific names of items in the grocery store or things you see every day.Singing
Speak to your child in your native language.
2. Singing  
Sing wherever you are.
Sing the alphabet song to teach about letters.
Sing nursery rhymes to teach sounds.
Clap to the rhythms in songs to teach syllables in words.
Reading3. Reading
Read together with your child every day!
Visit your local library for books and story times.
Have interactive reading experiences. Talk about the book cover. Have a conversation about the story. Ask questions to improve comprehension skills.
4. Writing
Provide opportunities for your child to draw and write. 
Keep paper, crayons, markers and white boards available where children can write, draw or scribble.
Encourage your child to trace their name and simple words.
Talk about what your child draws and write words on the page to tell what’s happening.
5. Playing - Have fun!
Make sure your child has plenty of unstructured playtimes.
Encourage dramatic play with puppets or stuffed animals.
Have your child re-enact a familiar story to develop vocabulary and language skills.​​