Manatee Protection

The Broward County Manatee Protection Plan, as required by Section 370.12(2)(t), Florida Statutes and identified in the Governor and Cabinet's October 1989 Policy Directive, was accepted by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in December 2007. The plan was subsequently revised. The current plan is designated as Version 1.1 and dated March 2008.

Manatee protection plans are developed to ensure the long-range protection of the manatee species and its habitat. The intent of the Broward County Manatee Protection Plan is to implement additional manatee protection measures, including increased law enforcement, manatee monitoring, education and awareness, throughout the County's waterways that are accessible to manatees.

As part of the Plan, the Board of County Commissioners adopted Ordinance No. 2007-34, which, beginning October 1, 2008:

  • Established a $400 (with a 4% annual increase) per new slip fee for new marine facilities or existing marine facilities undergoing expansion.
  • Sets an annual manatee conservation fee of $20 (with a 4% annual increase) per slip for all facilities with five or more slips (multi-family residential, commercial, municipal and private marinas, and/or boat ramps).
  • To help document and track the number of slips in the County, requires facilities with five or more slips to apply for an annual Marine Facility Operating License.

Manatee Protection Plan Slip Availability Status

Manatee North

South Waterway Zone

South Fork New River Dania
Middle C-10 Canal
Dania Cutoff Canal West Total
MPP approved slips 1,353 619 1,033 471 806 110 4,392
Slips allocated -30* 305 834 18 -214* 19 932
Balance remaining 1,383 314 199 453 1,020 91 3,460

Updated 06/19/2014

Slip availability will be updated as slips are allocated and licenses issued.

*Negative numbers reflect marine facilities that have reduced their number of licensed slips.

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