District 17 Profile

Broward County, Florida
Office of Medical Examiner and Trauma Services

Florida's 67 counties are served by 24 Medical Examiner Districts. District 17 is comprised of Broward County. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Medical Examiners Commission 2014 Annual Report, published in August 2015, Medical Examiners in Florida have oversight over approximately two-thirds of the deaths in Florida. The Medical Examiners Act, Chapter 406, Part I, Florida Statutes, was enacted by the 1970 Legislature in order to establish minimum and uniform standards of excellence in statewide medical examiner services. The Medical Examiners Commission 2014 Annual Report is submitted in order to illustrate the direction taken by the Medical Examiners Commission during 2014 to ensure the maintenance of an effective and viable program of Medical Examiner services throughout Florida.

Following are key statistics from Broward County, Florida.


1,792,586 million



Cases Accepted


Deaths Certified as Natural


Deaths Certified as Accident: Motor Vehicle-Related 


Deaths Certified as Accident: Drug Intoxication​ ​224
​Deaths Certified as Accident: Fall ​285
​Deaths Certified as Accident: Other ​​106

Deaths Certified as Suicide


Deaths Certified as Homicide


Deaths Certified as Undetermined


Cremation Approvals Processed


Source: Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Medical Examiners Commission 2014 Annual Report.​​​​​​