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Emotional Wellness is the one area of our health that we often ignore, yet it is crucial to our overall well-being. Study after study has shown that emotional resilience is a vital component of both physical health and happiness.

When we are coping with personal problems, common things like family conflict, illness, grief, or divorce, we can become very distracted or overwhelmed. Feelings of stress, anxiety and depression can occupy our thoughts to the point that we cannot concentrate well on anything else. Over time, this can take a toll.

Our emotions tend to be very much like a pressure cooker. We can keep the lid on them for a while; however, if we don’t let off some of the steam, they can explode: raising our blood pressure, damaging our hearts, or making us behave in ways that are not in our best interests.

The good news is that there are some very simple things we can do to reduce the effects of stress and begin to handle our emotions in healthier ways. This site is designed to provide a variety of information, links, and resources that can help you take charge of your emotional well-being. You’ll be amazed at how much better you can feel!

The County provides several resources for emotional health – our internal Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides free, confidential,  support services to employees and their immediate families in times of need or crisis; and, for members enrolled in one of the County’s health plans, there are additional emotional health resources provided by LifeSynch through Humana.

Click on the link in the left column to visit EAP’s website to view all of the services and resources provided in-house. Click on the link for LifeSynch to access services provided by Humana Health Care. 

Outpatient mental health and Alcohol and Chemical Dependency visits  through an in-network provider are at no cost for the first 20 visits; $25 copayment per visit thereafter.  CDH Low plan services subject to annual deductible and co-insurance.



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