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Wellness comes in many shapes and forms; being physically and emotionally healthy are only two of the components essential to the total wellbeing of each person. Financial soundness and security can provide peace of mind and reduce stress in everyday life. If you are concerned or worried about how to meet your financial obligations it can affect your health physically and emotionally.

There are many tools available to help you manage your financial wellness: Direct Deposit allowed to multiple accounts, City County Credit Union membership, Savings Bonds, Deferred Compensation, etc.

Florida Retirement System – FRS

The County’s retirement plan is through the Florida Retirement System (FRS). The FRS give free retirement planning for all active FRS Members. You can speak with an unbiased Ernst & Young financial planner for help in choosing your FRS retirement plan, for help in using, and for help with personal financial planning. You can also get detailed information about the Pension Plan, Investment Plan and more. 

  • Call the toll-free MyFRS Financial Guidance line: 1-866-446-9377 (TRS 711)
  • Log on to the FRS web site: 

Deferred Compensa